It’s no secret we’re a little crazy about the maker movement here at Brit + Co. We’ve shown you inside their studios, dug inside those creative brains, host a yearly event (AKA Re:Make) where they come together to sell beautifully crafted goodies and now we’re turning the spotlight on some of our faves every #MCM aka Maker Crush Monday. Today, get to know Better Late Than Never Jewelry — and their gorgeous line of hair jewelry.


The Portland-based company creates minimalistic pieces with clean geometric shapes and beautifully raw cut gems. Sara Dudzinsky, the creative genius behind theses stellar creations, tells Of a Kind, what makes jewelry-creation her thing is the hands-on intensity of it. “I wavered back and forth between clothes and jewelry for a long time. What brought me to jewelry was the process. I like to sew, but I love the fire,” she says.


We have to be honest, we’d wear everything Sara creates, but what we’re really gawking over is the metal hair jewelry. Forget about those charming little barrettes you’ve had forever, these pieces will make rethink everything you know about hair accessories. These easily attachable pieces will make that ballerina bun or low ponytail a million times more bad ass in a matter of seconds – think something along the lines of Uma Thurman a la Kill Bill or Leeloo a la The Fifth Element.


“Even though I might be making the same pair of earrings 50 times over, every one is a little bit different” Sara Dudzinsky says. “They all have their own qualities, shapes, and characteristics. It makes it more interesting for me.”


If you want to snag up one of these treasures, you might need to dip into that newly acquired Christmas fund. The pieces range in price from $86 for a pair of the Mixed Metal Tourmaline Singles to $272 for a pair of 14K Gold Lapis Studs (those pretty hair pieces will set you back $168-250). It’s definitely more expensive than those bejeweled clips from the dollar section of Target, but for a handcrafted piece you’ll get complimented on all day, we think it might be worth the investment.

Who is your favorite maker? Share a pic of one of your favorite pieces with the hashtag #makercrushmonday and let us know!