Wedding season is a 24/7 season nowadays — and with fall, winter and spring serving as the most magical backdrops for both your big day and engagements, we dialed up the pros at BHLDN to get an exclusive on the latest must-haves for the wanderlust seasons ahead.


Top BHLDN stylist Amy Haaz (pictured above) offered up expert advice on next season’s bridal trends and expert beauty-fashion inspiration for your trip down the aisle. Excited? So are we! Get your coffee and notebook ready, because it’s about to get all sorts of dreamy!

What fall/winter dress styles are currently trending for the most common bridal archetypesthe glamour girl, the boho bride, the modernist, the minimalist, the traditionalist?


BHLDN: For Glam, bring on the back detail! Think sumptuous draping, beaded back trim, sparkly sequins. The glam girl has an eye for opulence. A perfect example is the Dylan Gown.


For Boho, think embroidery and embellishments. This fall/winter, the boho bride wants an easy look with a bit more fashion and design. Try the Cate Gown.


For Modern, place an emphasis on tailoring. Clean lines are key! Jill Stuart and Badgley Mischka nail it every time, and we’ve pulled the best of the best! Try the Valentina Gown.


For Traditional, think lace and feminine details like Victorian-era buttons, illusion necklines, sleeves and fuller skirts. Our Grace Gown dazzles.

What fabric and styling inspirations would you give the girl who’s getting married in the colder months ahead?

BHLDN Jacket Pippa Gloves

BHLDN: Toppers, toppers, toppers! Feathery shawls, furry wraps and sleeved toppers totally transform your look and keep you cozy. Also, our little lace Pippa gloves are just the perfect, lady-like finishing touch for a winter bride. Try the Estelle Cropped Jacket and Pippa Gloves.

What silhouette and fabric options are trending for Spring 2016?


BHLDN: It’s all about separates and convertibility. She doesn’t want to commit to just one look or one silhouette. She can slip a full tulle skirt over a slim sheath and create her wedding plus reception looks in a snap. We’ve nailed this trend with BHLDN’s Build Your Own Look category. Try it to customize your own wedding look!

We’re always looking for color inspiration — when thinking dress color for Spring 2016, what should brides be on the hunt for?


BHLDN: Be a true blushing bride in a blush gown! A pale pink makes a statement, albeit subtle and soft. A gorgeous example of this is the Elena Gown. Spring is also the perfect time for airy tulle skirts and tops with texture and embellishment, like the Ella Bodysuit and Amora Skirt.

In terms of bridal beauty, let’s talk hair! For the non-traditional bride, what looks hot little less traditional?

BHLDN: Fresh flower crowns are beautiful but sadly, don’t last! Our silk floral halos stand up to the big day and last forever. Save yours like the treasured heirloom that it is! A dreamy example is the Kora Flower Crown.


We’re also seeing both traditional and non-traditional brides opting for a little sparkle added to a loose braid or low, messy-ish chignon. BHLDN has amazing combs that are perfect for this look like the Flynn Comb.

There’s always such a strong focus on the face with a soft, dreamy veilit’s a great way to highlight beautiful wedding makeup. What veil options are most popular with today’s modern bride?


BHLDN: Today’s brides are unique and unconventional, but they certainly have an appreciation for tradition. A classic veil tempers a more modern, or fashion-forward look. The blusher is totally back, too! The lifting of the layer at the end of the aisle is so powerful. You’ll definitely need to dab your eyes! Try our Short & Sweet Blusher for an incredible first reveal.

Can you provide both formal and informal inspirations for cohesive, yet individualized, bridesmaid looks?


BHLDN: It’s all about the mix and match! It starts with a cohesive color palette. Choose your base color and add in a few different shades for dimension. Play with textures too! Layer on the lace, tulle and of course, a bit of sparkle! For inspiration, check out our Maid for Each Other page!

Can you share some knockout lingerie ideas for the wedding night and honeymoon?


BHLDN: Fill your suitcase with fun, printed robes and little-white-everythings. Honeymoon, here we come! Try Minka Robe,

a delicate romper that strikes just the right balance between sexy and sweet. Don’t forget the Mrs. Knickers and Alabaster Lace Romper. So official!

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