Getting kids outside to play is a real struggle some days. But during those months of summer break, we want to encourage our minis to enjoy all the sunshine and exercise that outdoor play affords. Bike riding is such an easy and affordable fitness solution, plus you can join them for some family fun. And once you help them pimp their ride with these 18 gadgets, you won’t be able to get them inside again.

polkadot helmet

1. Polkadot Helmet ($77): Just like seat belts are a safety necessity for travel by car, helmets are a safety necessity for travel by bike. Give them a bright spotted helmet like this and your child won’t mind wearing it one bit.

spoke beads

2. Spoke Beads ($8): Do you remember sporting spoke beads on your bike? Well, they’re back. And in such fun colors and shapes, we’re seriously considering decking out our own bikes with them as well. P.S. We think we need those gold tires too.

water bottles

3. Stainless Steel Water Bottles ($17): Everyone knows that hydration is important, especially when you’re out in the sun. Help your kids remember to drink up with these fun water bottles.

diy bike streamers

4. DIY Streamers: With a couple of golf tees and some ribbon, your wee one’s bike will have the most colorful and unique streamers on the block. They’ll love them even more if they get to choose their own colors and patterns. (via NorthStory)

hand painted bell

5. Hand-Painted Bike Bell ($24): These adorable hand-painted bike bells are just what your kiddo needs to clear the sidewalks ahead. We think it would make a great family DIY too.

chalk trail

6. Chalktrail ($20): If your child loves to create art, this is a sweet way to get them moving and making at the same time.

dog headlight

7. Dog Headlight ($30): When you’ve got kids riding around until the sun goes down, they’ll need something to light the way home. This super dog is here to help.

lightning reflector

8. Lightning Bolt Reflector ($5): Make their bikes easier for cars to see with a cool reflector like this one. It’s totally appropriate for when they’re riding fast as lightning.

rabbit bike set

9. Rabbit Bike Set ($18): If you’ve got kids riding around town, help them keep their bike safe with this cutesy bunny bike lock and bell.

duct tape makeover

10. DIY Duct Tape Makeover: Pink, blue, stars or hearts — collect as much colorful duct tape as you can find and let them go to town covering their bikes in fun stripes. (via Skunk Boy)


11. Handlebar Pinwheel ($8): For the little eyes who love to watch colorful pinwheels spin, snap this onto their handlebars and watch with glee as they make it spin while riding.

princess helmet

12. Princess Helmet ($108): So many little girls insist on wearing their princess dresses literally everywhere, but that might not be such a good idea for bike riding. Have her flaunt this awesome princess helmet instead.

tassel basket

13. Bike Tassels: Kids carry around treasures galore, so a bike basket is always a good idea. Add some tassels yourself to create a unique place to hold all their finds. (via Clairabelle Makes)

bike pads

14. Bike Pads ($20): These pads for hands, elbows and knees promise to give your child more confidence while learning to ride and, more importantly, they’ll protect them from scrapes and bruises when they fall.

bike bell

15. Bike Bell ($20): We’re not going to lie. You’ll probably see this bright striped bell on our bikes also.


16. Turbospokes ($6): If you have kids, you know that they make sound effects for everything. This bike gadget will help their motorcycle-sound skills.

baby bike seat

17. Baby Seat ($160): Let baby in on the biking fun with this front-mounted bike seat just for them. It’ll make taking family rides together so much easier (and safer).


18. Dolly Seat ($6): If mommy has a seat for baby, you’ll definitely hear that dolly needs one too. Let that favorite toy come on the family ride in this mini seat for your child’s bike.

What is your favorite bike gear for kids? Anything awesome that we missed? Tell us below!