We鈥檝e already hooked you up with the raddest bikes around, so it鈥檚 only fitting that our next move would be to help you outfit your new ride with the latest and greatest accessories. And we鈥檙e not talking streamers and bells, though we do love some good throwbacks. We鈥檙e talking baskets and panniers. Check out these 18 chic storage options that make room for everything from your furry friend to your favorite brew.

1. Reel Elastic Storage System: Who knew elastic could be so stylish? A long reel of elastic, and some protective rubber grips to keep it in place, winds around your bike鈥檚 frame to give you storage for anything and everything. (via Design Boom)

2. Tonal Weave Bike Basket ($68): Thanks, Anthropologie, not only are we itchin鈥 to buy this adorable woven basket for our cruiser now, but we鈥檙e also wishing we had a bold citrus bike like this one, too.

3. Crochet Saddlebag ($60): This definitely isn鈥檛 your grandma鈥檚 crochet. This saddlebag doubles as a messenger bag and adds a fun pop of color to your ride.

4. Nantucket Pet聽Basket ($120): Don鈥檛 forget Fido! That sleek caged top will ensure your pup doesn鈥檛 fall out (or jump out!).

5. Springtime Three-in-One: We introduced you to this innovative design last year, but just couldn鈥檛 help not showing it off again. Talk about functionality. (via Bloon)

6. Six-Bottle Bike Bag ($60): By no means are we suggesting that bicycles and booze go hand-in-hand. However, we do think this bottle bag is a pretty handy way to transport those delicious beverages.

7. Bootbag Bike: Consider this leather-wrapped solution for an eco-friendly, open-top container that doubles as a shopping bag. (via Wired)

8. Floral Basket: Hit up your local thrift store or dollar store and DIY a gorgeous bike basket that鈥檚 both simple and budget-friendly. (via The Merry Thought)

9. Handlebar Bag ($188): This accessory goes from bike to body with just the click of a shoulder strap.

10. Porter Crate: This large storage solution paired with a vintage bike looks like it jumped right out of a classic movie. (via Design Sponge)

11. Boxy Seat Bag ($95): While this may not be a basket or bag, we still think it鈥檚 pretty darn nifty. This leather box nestles right under your bike seat to hold small essential items.

12. Flat Back Raspberry Basket ($65): We did say we love a good throwback! You don鈥檛 have to attach this beauty to your old school Huffy 10-speed, but it鈥檚 sure to remind you of the good old days no matter what.

13. Bike Clutch ($38): Can鈥檛 decide whether this makes a cuter clutch or bike accessory? Good news! This bow-accented piece works perfectly as both, so no decision is necessary.

14. Swiss Army Pannier + Shoulder Bag聽Pair ($165): A duo of panniers is sure to hold everything from books to a laptop, and look at how chic they look on your wheels!

15. Wood Bike Crate ($60): No need to worry if DIYing isn鈥檛 your thing, because Etsy鈥檚 always to the rescue! This handmade wood crate can come as natural wood or stained, and is ideal for running errands or loading up at the farmer鈥檚 market.

16. Waterproof Yellow Leaf Pannier ($53): Keep your goods from getting soaked while on the move and make yourself easily visible to oncoming traffic.

17. Elliptical Wooden Bike Basket ($90): If a bike basket isn鈥檛 ideal for lengthy items or oddly-sized necessities you might have, strap 鈥檈m in to this chic bed.

18. Front Bike Basket ($30): Sometimes simple is underrated. A basic wire basket is a classic storage option for the front of your two-wheeler.

Which of these baskets or panniers do you want to strap on to your bicycle? Tell us which ones you love in the comments below.