You know how it goes: It’s a hot summer day, you’re lounging by the pool, and you pull out a nice bottle of chilled summer wine only to realize you have NOWHERE to set it down while you bask in the sun on your pool floatie. Sound familiar? If you’re the kind of gal who already knows everything there is to know about rosé, this is a product you absolutely *must* have: The Black Box Chaise Set ($65). Gives new meaning to the term wine floats, huh?

This super cute chaise floatie is being released in early July to celebrate the release of the new Black Box California Rosé. Black Box releases limited-edition California Rosés from time to time, and summer 2017’s vintage is about to hit the shelves.

This floating chaise is not only cute; it’s also functional. It comes with two cupholders perfectly sized for either a standard cup *OR* a Black Box California Rosé Go Pack (but let’s be honest; you’re probably going to go for the latter). Oh, and it says “Tan Lines and Black Box Wines” along the back.

You can pick up the chaise on Amazon or for $65 beginning later this month through Labor Day weekend.

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