Whether you鈥檙e a dedicated sale shopper or someone who goes against the grain and snoozes on Black Friday, there鈥檚 one notion everyone can get behind: Black looks good on everyone. From clothing to accessories to tech, we鈥檙e sharing the coolest duds and gadgets around to coordinate fabulously with your Black Friday festivities鈥 or anti-festivities ;).

1. Brooklyn Tee ($32): When it comes to Black Friday, you鈥檙e probably running low on sleep anyway, so this tee makes for the perfect ensemble via color and sentiment.

2. iPad Sleeve Clutch ($200): If regular, not-so-chic iPad cases aren鈥檛 for you, this one is. This case is about as good looking as they come, disguising your tech as an accessory fit for any nightclub.

3. Eyelash Shades ($10): These shades celebrate over-the-top lashes, one of our favorite accessories. Bling on, bling on.

4. Polka Dot Fanny Pack ($34): Whether you鈥檙e moseying to a coffee shop or hitting up the post-Thanksgiving sales, a fanny pack is really the way to go. It moves with you and gives a nod to style trends of the past in a glorious way.

5. But First, Coffee Print ($35): But first, coffee鈥 always. Even if it鈥檚 not your usual style, try taking your coffee black in honor of the (for better or worse) now canonized holiday event.

6. Adventure Thermos ($27): From waiting in Black Friday lines to trekking through the great outdoors, this rough and tumble thermos is where it鈥檚 at. It鈥檒l keep anything you need hot or cold.

7. Geo Print Duffel Bag ($59): You absolutely have to have somewhere to stash your Black Friday finds, and there is hardly a cuter place to do that than in this beautiful geometric tote. The black overtones are complete perfection for the occasion without being too monochromatic.

8. Happi Hat ($18): If you鈥檙e gearing up for the holidays in a colder climate, snag this classic black and white patterned hat. It goes with almost everything.

9. Hip Hop Coloring Book ($13): This coloring book is the bomb. It starts as black and white and transforms to a colorful work of art with the swipe of your wrist. Let your creative juices flow.

10. DIY Leather Jewelry Kit ($35): If you鈥檙e passing on the sales but don鈥檛 want to be a total Black Friday Scrooge, this jewelry kit is for you. Your time away from malls will be well spent refining a new skill, and you鈥檒l end up with a gorgeous piece of bling in the end.

11. Leather Tote Bag ($148): This beautiful tote will take you steadily through Black Friday and beyond. The beauty and durability of this bag will likely have it returning for round two next season.

12. Holiday Light Socks ($10): These socks are especially great for those who can鈥檛 wait for Christmas. Hop on the December 25 bandwagon as soon as Turkey Day is over and let the light shine.

13. Moon Cycle Calendar ($16): Follow along with the lunar cycles of 2016 and keep track of all the beautiful moon phases with this stellar calendar. Full moon parties, anyone?

14. Nano Drone ($59): If you don鈥檛 want to participate in Black Friday, but want to keep an eye on the happenings, this little guy is for you. It flies overhead for up to 64 miles (!) and keeps an eye on the things you can鈥檛 while you relax at home.

15. Polka Dot Recipe Box ($34): If you鈥檙e hanging at home with your grandma instead of hunting bargains, why not use the precious family time with her to get caught up on old family recipes that you really want to keep and master? There鈥檚 hardly a better way to spend holiday time.

16. Rottweiler Tee ($20): Get your growl on, girl! This tee can communicate a no-sass mentality from miles away, and that鈥檚 hard to beat.

17. Space Nail Art ($7): Here鈥檚 the perfect accompaniment to the out-of-this-world sales you might be hoping to encounter after your tryptophan hangover subsides. Just don鈥檛 let the compliments distract you!

18. StickR TrackR ($25): One thing that can take your Black Friday sale success from amazing to abysmal is losing your keys. Make sure they (or anything else important) are un-loseable with this convenient tracker, operated from your smartphone!

19. Succulent and Pot ($24): Add a little natural pizazz to that certain Friday with this black-potted succulent. Au natural and minimalist at the same time: That鈥檚 basically as good as it gets.

Which of these beauties will accompany you on your Black Friday (or anti-Black Friday) adventures? Share with us in the comments below!