Bob Dylan is a super cool dude, no doubt, and his musical genius is undeniably legendary. His sound helped shape a generation and means more to some than they can probably express. But is he a writer? The folks over at the Nobel Prize (one of the foremost writing awards in the world) seem to think so, as he鈥檚 just been given the 2016 award for literature. Deserved or not, some folks are FURIOUS!

Bob Dylan

Winning for 鈥渉aving created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,鈥 according to the Swedish Academy, he鈥檚 the first American to win since the novelist Toni Morrison received the honor in 1993. But this time around, with a man who is known more for his music than his writing alone taking home the prize, eyebrows have been raised and reactions are definitely mixed.

Some peeps were totally supportive and congratulating Bob鈥

Others, well, um, aren鈥檛 so happy about the sitch鈥

And, of course, some are just having fun with it鈥

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)