Phoneography is one of our favorite things. Experimenting with different ways to use our phones to take great photos is a never-ending process of finding cool apps (like Cinemagram) and gadgets (like these 5 awesome mobile tripods). But, unfortunately, our smartphone battery doesn’t exactly last forever and we can find ourselves running out of juice in the middle of an epic photo session. Luckily, the Bobine is here to the rescue: a tripod and charger in one!

The Bobine is basically the world’s coolest charging cord. It’s a two-foot long cable that holds it shape, allowing you to use it as a tripod shoot your next photo or video masterpiece. Because it’s so flexible, you can use it to support your camera in a variety of different positions and from virtually any angle.

And, because it charges your phone too, you can set up great timelapse photography or film long videos. It’s incredibly versatile as well as portable. Available for the iPhone up to version 4 and for Android phones, it’s the perfect companion to a phoneographer’s smartphone.

We’re loving the wide variety of applications for this little gadget. You can also use it to hold your phone while you’re watching a DIY how-to video, reading a recipe, or completing a workout.

Do you have a favorite phone tripod? How do you keep your smartphone charged while taking pictures and video? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.