Since the demonstration of the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera, there has been a lot of excited buzz about it floating around the Internet, particularly on Twitter.

Professional photographers are especially impressed, and Sports Illustrated has even employed the 7 Plus’s camera for football photography.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans NFL: Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium/Nashville, TN 09/11/2016 SI-537 TK1 Credit: David Klutho

The new camera’s vibrant colors and zoom capabilities make the phone desirable enough on their own, but when you add in bokeh, the phone knocks its competitors out of the park — and it rivals many dedicated cameras.


Bokeh (pronounced “bow-kay”) is that lovely blurred effect you see in the background of a photograph, especially in portrait photography. The photo above was taken using an iPhone 7 Plus, and the balls of light in the background are the result of bokeh and therefore referred to as bokeh balls. Apple loves to use this effect, as seen in their event invites.


The iPhone 7 Plus allows you to achieve what you previously could not without a DSLR camera and a bit of photography experience; now even the most amateur of photographers can get this gorgeous look, and their Insta feeds will be flawless because of it.

According to the folks over at Digital Trends, the 7 Plus won’t have the ability to create these stunning bokeh images when you pull it out of the box today (if you’re lucky enough!), but it will be available in a future software update.

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(Photos via David Klutho, Apple and OS X Daily)