Sure, you can drink your bourbon if you’d like, but a home-cooked, spiked dessert also sounds pretty agreeable. Luckily, bourbon makes fast friends with all of the mainstays of Dessert Land — chocolate, cherries, and caramel included. We’ve already shown you our Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream, our Eggnog Pudding Shots, and our Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops. Here are 20 boozed-up bourbon desserts that are sure to put your rocks glass in a time-out.

1. Banana Bourbon Cupcakes: These banana chocolate chip bourbon cupcakes are cute and a little mean. With bourbon in both the buttercream and the chocolate ganache, these little guys are the best kind of sassy. (via How Sweet It Is)

2. Chocolate Bourbon Pretzel Pie: In this pie, a chocolate bourbon filling is fortified with a buttery pretzel crust. Sweet, salty, and full of booze. (via Pink Patisserie)

3. Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Tart: Make no mistake, pumpkin pie is not just for Thanksgiving — and we’re keeping this tart in the regular dessert rotation thanks to its use of a chocolate crust. The bourbon helps too. (via Simply Scratch)

4. Mint Julep Frozen Yogurt: Go Gatsby with this mint julep-inspired frozen yogurt. In the true spirit of Gatsby, this recipe sure does not skimp on the bourbon. (via Back To Her Roots)

5. Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Caramels with Bourbon: In lieu of Christmas cookies, homemade caramels are the perfect sweet treat to give and to get. This recipe, with its inclusion of vanilla bean, sea salt, and bourbon, is extra fancy. Just like you. (via Cookie Monster Cooking)

6. Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake: This apple bourbon bundt cake is stuffed full of warm spices, candied ginger, and — you guessed it — bourbon. Finished with a sweet bourbon glaze, this cake is righteous and unapologetic. (via The New York Times)

7. Cherry Bourbon Pie: Cherry and bourbon is a classic combination, but this pie is anything but ordinary. Meanwhile, the buttery oat crumble really brings it home. (via Bon Appetit)

8. Bourbon Marshmallow Bacon S’mores: Camping is fun again! Jessica from How Sweet It Is has crafted a bourbon marshmallow — her gift to humanity — and has toasted and sandwiched it between graham crackers, chocolate squares, and (deep breath) crispy bacon. (via How Sweet It Is)

9. Happy Hour Hot Fudge Milkshake: This milkshake is not messing around. Make happy hour extra happy with this sweet and spiked concoction — just don’t forget the sprinkles. (via Joy The Baker)

10. Bourbon and Salted Caramel Popcorn: There’s boring old buttered popcorn, and then there’s bourboned popcorn. It’s got the whole sweet and salty thing going on, and we do not hate it. (via Foodie Bride)

11. Bourbon Whoopie Pies: Filled with a cream cheese/bourbon/pecan/marshmallow fluff frosting, these little guys are — undoubtedly — not your mother’s whoopie pies. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

12. Gingerbread Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce: When the weather gets cold, there’s no dessert that’s quite as appealing as a rich, sweet-spiced bread pudding. The bourbon sauce in this rendition will guarantee you’re kept extra warm. (via The Law Student’s Wife)

13. Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Bourbon Sour Cream Frosting: Teetotalers beware — this chocolate cake is not for you. This glorious recipe comes to us by way of the magical mind of The Beeroness. We salute you. (via The Beeroness)

14. Bourbon and Spice Cupcakes: Sweet and simple, these bourbon and spice cupcakes are perfect for just about any occasion — except maybe breakfast. (But we don’t judge.) (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

15. Bourbon Vanilla Caramel Sauce: Just when we thought caramel sauce couldn’t get any better, Elana of Stir and Strain went ahead and threw some bourbon into the mix. Caramel sauce will never be the same. (via Stir and Strain)

16. Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bourbon Maple Whip Cream: Karen of Honestly YUM contends that sneaking liquor into dessert is a holiday tradition, and we like this tradition very much. This gooey chocolate pecan pie is topped with a genius-level bourbon maple whipped cream. (via Honestly YUM)

17. Apple Bourbon Cream Cheese Wontons: Here’s a very tasty (and very bourbon-relevant) way to use wonton wrappers — stuff them with a filling composed of sweet apples, cream cheese, and a few glugs of bourbon. (via Lab@56)

18. Brown Sugar-Bourbon Ice Cream: This sweet, frosty treat is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite slice of pie or a slow ripple of homemade caramel sauce — meaning (because we’re feeling bossy) numbers 7 and 15 above. (via Bon Appetit)

19. Mini Whiskey Oatmeal Cream Pies: Technically, these mini oatmeal cream pies call for Irish whiskey — but you and I know what’s really going to go down here. Featuring a brown sugar whiskey marshmallow cream, these treats are Little Debbie 2.0. (via Food + Words)

20. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Bourbon: It turns out you can drink bourbon too! Try it steamed up with lots of milk, Frangelico, and cinnamon. (via Adventure in Cooking)

What’s your favorite bourbon? And how do you use it in the kitchen? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.