If you don鈥檛 already know about BOXFOX, you鈥檙e in for a treat (and so are your friends with upcoming birthdays). The female-founded company takes the guesswork out of gifting by offering all kinds of swoon-worthy presents suited for bridesmaid presents, birthdays, and more鈥 and we have to admit that, from candles to coffee mugs, their aesthetic is right on point. So it鈥檚 no surprise that their recent office renovation had to be super-feminine and chic to match. What is surprising, however, is how they managed to pull off the entire office transformation (6,000 square feet worth) on a shoestring budget.

鈥淥ur main goal was to create a relaxed, approachable workspace, where our team can feel creative and get inspired every day,鈥 says BOXFOX COO and Co-founder Jenni Olivero. 鈥淥ne of BOXFOX鈥檚 core beliefs is that gifting should always feel effortless and elegant, and we tried to infuse that sensibility into the design of our new space.鈥 The color palette for the offices naturally had to reflect this, so the team chose clean whites with hints of pink and sage to make the office feel fun but grown-up. 鈥淲e鈥檝e really embraced an open atmosphere in design and our company culture as a whole,鈥 she tells us.

The brand鈥檚 California roots definitely shine through. 鈥淚t鈥檚 very Californian to bring the outdoors in, so we filled our space with oversized succulents, palms, and a fiddle leaf fig,鈥 says Olivero. 鈥淎ll this green pairs so well with the natural wood in our desks, and the subtle gold accents add a little LA glow.鈥

Designing a sophisticated, elevated space on a budget isn鈥檛 always intuitive, but the BOXFOX team used some of our favorite affordable decor sources to make it work. 鈥淲e were able to style the office on a very reasonable budget, with most of the pieces being from IKEA, Target鈥檚 Project 62 collection, and Article,鈥 she admits. 鈥淥ne splurge we鈥檙e still excited about is the brass BOXFOX sign that welcomes guests in our entryway. Hanging the sign was definitely one of those wow moments for Chelsea, Sabena, and me.鈥

Getting creative with styling was a good way to stay on-budget too. 鈥淚 love books both to read and to style with!鈥 says Olivero. 鈥淲hether they鈥檙e stacked or standing upright, they add instant color and personality. Add a candle and you鈥檝e already created a moment!鈥

In any office, organization is key. 鈥淲e knew we wanted to create a space that was equally functional and beautiful, so we looked up for storage. We installed bulletin boards and floating shelves at everyone鈥檚 desks for some vertical organization. This really helped keep the area open, without sacrificing personality or purpose,鈥 Olivero tells us. We love how this practical decision also allows each BOXFOX member to really show off their unique personalities 鈥 a total win-win!

While BOXFOX may be meant for gifting, we鈥檙e thinking about ordering a BOXFOX of our own just to snag some of these cute accessories. What do you think?

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(Images via BOXFOX)