We love braids. When we’re looking for a style that’s both elegant and casual, plus easy to pull off, we look to braids. Not only do they always look great, but they’re also a perfect second-day ‘do for those days when you’re in a hurry and want to skip a shampoo. Like most hairstyles, braids come together better when your hair has built up a bit of natural oil. There’s also so much variety in braided hairstyles. From French braids to front-row braids to mermaids to braided buns, you could find a pretty plait for every day of the week. Here are 100 braided hairstyles for inspiration.

It’s easy to be intimidated by all the Pinterest-perfect plaits out there — braids inside of braids, faux hawks with braids, and even cool Celtic knots — but braiding can be easier than you think. Here are 14 ridiculously easy 5-minute braids. One really pretty braid that’s semi-easy to pull off is the front-row braid. It incorporates some of the aspects of the dutch braid, with the side plaits going underneath. When doing a front-row braid you want to be sure to angle your head downward as you braid. Do both sides for a very symmetrical and elegant effect, or just one side for an asymmetrical front-row braid. The trick is to get the braids in front to look nice and thick, like a crown.

Over at Barefoot Blonde, Amber has a trick for getting the braids to look thick, and it’s not just by separation. Check out her tutorial for an asymmetrical front-row braid that you can pull together in just minutes. So pretty!

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(Photo via Barefoot Blonde)