There are lots of different ways to cook meat and hard or tough veggies until they’re meltingly tender, but none make you feel so much like Julia Child or Ina Garten as whipping out a Dutch oven or sturdy lidded skillet and getting your braise on. You’ve probably been braising for years without even realizing it — sautéing meat before adding it to a slow cooker stew, or browning a roast before putting it in your Instant Pot. But instead of pulling out those bulky appliances, you can just use your stove. From succulent winter roasts to root vegetable stews, just lightly caramelize your ingredients, add some liquid, and simmer, until everything is tender and delicious. These 14 recipes will make braising one of your go-to cooking techniques.

1. Braised Lamb Ragu With Polenta: You’ll want to serve this meaty lamb ragu over cheesy polenta, which soaks up every last drop of the braising liquid. Top with a sprinkle of mint gremolata to add in some fresh flavor. (via Umami and Us)

2. Braised Turkey Meatballs and Marinara: Turkey meatballs stay nice and juicy when braised in a wine-enriched marinara. Serve them alone, on a soft roll, or nestled into twirls of spaghetti. (via A Gouda Life)

3. Saffron Risotto With Lemony Braised Vegetables: Risotto doesn’t have to be scary, and this dish will convince you that it’s worth any extra work. While your root vegetables braise in a mixture of wine and lemon juice in the oven, stir up your risotto, then spoon the tangy veggie mixture on top to serve. (via Feed Me Phoebe)

4. One-Pot Chicken Adobo: It’s impossible to think of chicken as boring after taking a bite of this chicken adobo. It’s stewed in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and peppercorns, then served with rice to balance out the flavors. (via Tabitha Talks Food)

5. Braised Moroccan Vegetable Stew: Braising isn’t just for meat. In this recipe, root veggies are simmered until tender in a golden broth full of spices. (via Yup, It’s Vegan!)

6. Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken: This dish doesn’t require a ton of hands-on work, but the results are spectacular. Chicken is fried in nutty sesame oil, then braised in soy sauce, rice wine, and a blend of rock sugar and aromatics for a dynamic plate of food. (via Red House Spice)

7. One Pot Braised Cod With Summer Veggies: Cod becomes tender and flaky in this recipe, where it’s stewed along with veggies in a tarragon and caper-infused broth. Cook it in one pot for an easy clean-up. (via A Clean Bake)

8. Beer Braised Jackfruit Tacos: When braised, unripe jackfruit takes on the texture of pulled pork. Simmer it in a savory broth with lots of spices for a vegan taco filling everyone will love. (via Thyme & Love)

9. Orecchiette With Sausage and Braised Cabbage: Red cabbage becomes silky when cooked low and slow in a mixture of vinegar, butter, and sugar. Toss it with homemade orecchiette and sweet Italian sausage for a homey meal. (via Two of a Kind Cooks)

10. Braised Beef Tacos: Inexpensive cuts of beef are transformed by braising. Use the meat as a base for tacos, piled high with shredded cabbage, guac, and salsa. (via Mark’s Daily Nosh)

11. Coconut Slow-Braised Pork: Instead of coconut milk, this pork is made with coconut water for a lighter tasting meal. It allows the flavors of minced garlic and green onion to shine through. (via Fearless Food RD)

12. Korean Braised Short Ribs: Called galbi jjim, short ribs are the ideal candidate for braising in a bath of soy sauce, sugar, and spicy gochujang. Add in some veggies and a side of rice for a full meal. (via The Missing Lokness)

13. Zucchini, Mushroom, and Chicken Stew: It’s hard not to love this stew, made with tender chicken and a heap of chopped produce. Think of it as a nutritious upgrade to the chicken soup you grew up eating. (via Munchkin Time)

14. Sweet Braised Pork Belly: Slow cooked in a heady mixture of sugar, sake, and soy sauce, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this sticky pork belly. Each bite is better than the last, whether served in a bowl of rice or slipped inside an airy steamed bun. (via Pixelated Provisions)

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