Ella ella, ay ay ay, under my umbrella… You didn't think we could resist referencing Rihanna when talking about how to stylishly protect yourself from April showers, did you?

Right in time for the rainiest month, we've rounded up a dozen innovative umbrellas sure to help you beat the rainy day blues.

1. Heart Umbrella ($55): Show those clouds your love of the rain with these charming red number.

2. Sky Umbrella ($39): Forget about the rain. With this darling umbrella, designed by Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson for MoMA in 1992, you'll be dreaming of blue skies in no time.

3. Standard Travel Umbrella ($20): From the same team that brought you the Standard Hotels comes a super-compact bright orange umbrella. We love the plastic carrying case

4. Guy de Jean Long Umbrella ($95): Reminiscent of a bandana print, this umbrella is so stylish that you just might don it on days without rain as well.

5. Senz Original ($68): Don't be fooled by the unusual shape on this one. This was specially designed to combat harsh winds that often accompany rain.

6. Brussels Sprouts Umbrella ($44): Take your love of brussels to the next level with this photo print umbrella. Also comes in Bangers and Mash, Beans on Toast, and Fries with Ketchup.

7. Bubble Umbrella ($18): You need to protect your precious head but you still need to see where you're going. This bubble umbrella comes in a dozen colors, and will sort of make you feel like a mushroom from Super Mario.

8. Rain Man Umbrella ($350) Definitely the priciest umbrella of the bunch, this limited edition gentlemanly umbrella comes with a leather shoulder strap for easy carrying. We think this one is begging for a a little DIY action.

9. Goggles Umbrella ($80): In the same vein as the bubble umbrella but with a limited line of vision, we can't help but giggle at these goggles.

10. Color Wheel Umbrella ($40): Gray days instantly go away when you sport this colorful umbrella over your head.

11. Lightsaber Umbrella ($28): Channel your Jedi skills and Blade Runner love all with one umbrella.

12. Hands On Umbrella Sword Cane ($16) What looks like a classic umbrella with brass knuckles, is actually a concealed sword! We recommend practicing your ninja skills before getting too crazy with this one.

What are your favorite pieces of rain gear? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter!