There are some people out there (cough, cough, our Creative Director Anj Temple) who have their inboxes organized to a T, but for others (cough, cough, me), Inbox Zero can be the elusive Unicorn otherwise known as Productivity. So instead of worrying about quantity, let’s talk quality. Brit + Co is serving up what you need to know (we’re talking everything from what’s trending to what’s inspiring to what you should be shopping) straight to your inbox — sign up for our newsletter here so you don’t miss a thing. We thought some GIFs that explain your inbox before Brit + Co and after Brit + Co will be helpful. Our PSA below:

Your Inbox Before Signing Up For the Brit + Co Newsletter:


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Your Inbox After Signing Up For the Brit + Co Newsletter:


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(Bethany GIF via RealityTVGifs)