If the premiere of Britney Ever After, the unauthorized Britney Spears Lifetime biopic, on Saturday, February 18, isn’t the perfect excuse to host a party, we don’t know what is. The promise of celebrating with Britney-themed decor, attire, food, drinks and favors sounds pretty Glory-ous and even helps us gloss over this Circus of a cast that bears little resemblance to their real-life counterparts. Grab your besties, have a quick Britney + Justin Forever moment and get the popcorn started — we’re going ALL out!


1. Shop Shrine On Britney Spears Prayer Candle ($15): Nothing pays true homage to Brit Brit quite like a celebrity prayer candle. And yes, that is actually a thing. Order one or two to decorate your coffee table and have guests bring memorabilia to help assemble a true shrine.


2. Britney Spears Cupcake Toppers ($2, set of 24): Now you can literally have a piece of Britney. Treat your guests to some of her best looks with these custom cupcake toppers.


3. Baked Garlic Cheese Grits: Britney hails from Louisiana, so it’s no surprise her favorite food is shrimp and grits. Pay homage to her Southern roots with this tasty version that uses garlic and lots of delicious cheese. (via Southern Bite)


4. Stamped Names Britney Stamp Temporary Tattoos ($17): Show solidarity for Britney by having guests don these stamp tattoos upon arrival. It’s the perfect way to scream and shout that you’re a fan, while steering clear from any permanent ink.


5. Purple Haze Cocktail: Another subtle reference to Britney’s Louisiana roots is serving “purple drank” cocktails. Although, this is an upgraded version, since actual purple drank is just prescription cold medication mixed with soda and Jolly Ranchers — hard pass! (via The Glitter Guide)


6. Throw William Cuccio Piece of Me Pop Art Britney Pillow Cover ($20+): Break a few of these out for a quick fix to bring together the theme of your viewing party. Order different sizes to create the ultimate lounge in your living room.


7. WEriicms You Wanna Piece of Me? Wall Clock: It’s show time, bitch!


8. DIY Mini Gold Foil Letter Balloons: Probably one of the most important pieces of decor will be to spell BRITNEY in gold balloon letters for the photo booth backdrop. It also won’t hurt to use them as your dessert table centerpiece. (via Studio DIY)


9. The Foxy Hipster Justin Timberlake Stud Earrings ($10): Your guests might “Cry Me a River” (of joy) if they get a pair of JT earrings as a party favor. Or hand out as a prize for the winner of some Britney trivia during commercial breaks.


10. Borisdani Britney Spears Display Standee ($50+): This stand of Britney having a serious Vegas moment is the perfect opportunity for guests to snap some pics with her.


11. Ricky Kwong Britney Iconic Looks Leggings ($39): If you can’t decide on just one outfit, boast nine of Ms. Spears’ most iconic looks, all at once.


12. LIssayIssayeave Britney Alone Plate ($14): Serve your snacks on these plates that pay tribute to the most epic meltdown of our generation. It was a rough year but we knew she would make a comeback!


13. Robot Waffle 2007 Britney Spears Gets Me Shirt ($22): There’s no celebrity trainwreck-to-comeback story that’s as renowned as Britney’s ’07 meltdown. There was the infamous shaving incident (see plate, above), the Federline divorce, the rehab and dating a paparazzo. But she came back, and that’s perseverance we can all get behind.


14. DIY Top Britney Looks: If you want to encourage guests to dress as their favorite Brit Brit moment throughout the years, try one of these five looks. No head-shaving required. (via Brit + Co)


15. Buttercup Blossom Vintage Popcorn Bags ($5, pack of 25): The perfect snack for any premiere party is popping a batch or two of popcorn (obvi). Order these adorable vintage bags to take it up a notch and throw a nod to the fact this premiere is likely going to be quite the Circus.


16. Thug Life T-Shirts Hit Me Baby, One More Wine Tee ($27): Lifetime biopics are fantastic, but you might need quite a bit of wine to get through this one together. Grab one for everyone in your squad. (via Thug Life Shirts)


17. Gold Glitter Donuts: Sprinkle a stack of mini donuts with some edible glitter for serious premiere party fabulousness. Your guests will ask you to “Gimme Gimme More.” (via Gemini Photography / Style Me Pretty)


18. Sequin Glitter Garland DIY: For the perfect glittery statement piece, spell her name out in sequins and hang it over the bar or dessert table. (via A Beautiful Mess)


19. Borisdani Britney Spears Coaster Set ($4+): The more Britney you can have at your premiere, the better. Serve your purple drank in style with a custom Britney coaster set.


20. Britney Spears 3-Piece Private Show Fragrance Set ($20): Snag a few Spears fragrances to get your fix even during commercial breaks. At the end of the night, give them out as favors or prizes for the best dressed. (via Amazon)


21. DopeDigits Justin Timberlake Nail Decals (8+): With 14 nail decals per set, each of your guests can add a little JT swag to their look. If you pair your Justin nail decal set with a Britney one, you’ll get a discount in the name of eternal love.


22. Galactic Exchange Lilac Fields Hair Scrunchie ($5): No Britney “Baby, One More Time” outfit is complete without the epic furry scrunchie. And at this price, your whole squad can get in on the look.


23. SassyCelebs Justin Timberlake Sticker Set ($2): Britney + Justin forever! Grab a couple sets of these JT stickers as the perfect accessory for your Britney themed guests. (via Etsy)


24. PooSparkles Britney Spears You Can Handle Today 2007 Mug ($12+): Use this mug to sip your favorite bevvy during the premiere or pass them out as favors for guests. Your BFFs will love having this daily dose of motivation on their desks.


25. BasicBitchDesigns You Better Work Printable ($5): Want a hot body? Want an epic premiere party? You better work, bitch!


26. DIY Glitter Stir Sticks: These are pretty festive as-is, but you can also use this DIY as inspo to create Britney-themed stir sticks. Include her name and one-word song titles, like “Womanizer.” (via Vicky B.TV)

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