Whether you’re looking to showcase a painting, a poster, or your favorite printed photos, the price tag that comes along with professional frames and mattes is never a fun expense. If you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly alternatives for displaying your favorite pieces, there are tons of creative ways to go about showing off your unique wall art *and* getting crafty with your space. Scroll on to check out 17 affordable ways to make a bold statement without going over budget.

1. Highlighted Entryways: Door frames are often left untouched, and we can’t really figure out why. These underutilized areas are the perfect place to hang prints of your fave peeps. Plus, you won’t even need a ruler or level to get everything aligned, since you’re working with straight edges already! (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Photograph Layers: Create a cohesive collage and hang it on any wall that could use a little extra oomph. Layer your fave photos from a vacation or birthday party to highlight those memories in your home. (via Home and Delicious)

3. DIY Instagram Polaroid Block Gallery Wall: Glue your photos onto wood blocks to create added dimension that really makes your snapshots pop. Polaroid photos have a versatile nature and can be displayed in a variety of different ways, but this particular setup feels profesh AF. (via A Joyful Riot)

4. Wire Grid: Use a standard grid frame to hang your favorite small-scale prints and turn an ordinary workspace into a playful representation of your personality. Bonus: It’ll allow you to update your photos any time your workspace needs a refresh. Just use binder clips or string to keep everything hangin’ pretty. (via Kate La Vie)

5. Covered Walls: You don’t need to stick to a designated area of a wall when it comes to showing off things that inspire you — pick your favorite color tape and simply stick all of your pieces up on the wall. Decorate it from floor to ceiling to really make a statement. (via Wonderlass)

6. Combining Prints, Quotes, and Photos: Group similar prints and color palettes to create a styled section of your wall. Layer these slightly on top of one another to bring the look completely together. Use double-sided tape on the backs, rather than having visible tape on the edges. (via Glitter Guide)

7. Frames and Binder Clips: If you love the look of a gallery wall but don’t want to spend so much money on framing every piece, this is the trick for you. Frame only some of the (perhaps the more valuable) artwork and fill in the empty spaces by hanging other prints with clips. You’ll get the look you want without the hefty cost. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Polaroids Organized to Perfection: Who needs classic art when you can make this masterpiece on your own? Taking the time to make sure everything is lined up perfectly really goes a long way. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Driftwood + String: Grab a hole puncher and get to knot-tying. You can assemble a mobile of sorts in only a few minutes using a branch, but feel free to grab whatever matches your personal design aesthetic, whether it’s a copper pipe or a piece of a gilded frame. (via Cocorinna)

10. DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards: Turn your oversized binder clips into bold decor with just a touch of spray paint in whatever color suits your decor scheme. (via Design Sponge)

11. DIY String Light Statement: Go boho AF with a few string lights in your bedroom or living room. Head to a craft store and pick up a pack of clothespins, then hang tiny photos and prints along the exposed wire. (via Urban Outfitters blog)

12. Favorites Without Frames: You can create a complete gallery wall without any of the frames. Grab some tape and arrange your prints as neatly or haphazardly as you like. No measuring, no hammering, and no nails required. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Don’t Underestimate Corkboards: These may seem like they’re from your childhood, but they can really do wonders for decor, especially if you spray paint them first. Pin anything that you want to show off or what inspires you, or create a few vision boards for those #2017goals. (via Glitter Guide)

14. Ledges: Slim ledges are perfect for showing off gorgeous photos. Use clipboards or sturdier paper to make sure that whatever you’re displaying stands tall. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Washi Tape Frames: Tape is temporary, so have fun with it! Let your creativity really come out to play by using washi tape to create makeshift frames around your artwork. From standard clean lines to intricate layers and shapes, the end result is totally up to you. (via Design Sponge)

16. Giant Board of Office Inspiration: Using a pin board in your office space is essential for those who like to see their inspiration right in front of them. Combine some of your own photos and art with cutouts from magazines to create a mood board like no other. (via The Everygirl)

17. Color Play: Play around with filters and add bright colors to your pictures before you print them out. Your own photos will instantly turn into unique artwork that you can proudly hang on any wall. (via Poppytalk)

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