When it comes to decorating our home on a budget, we鈥檙e always up for the challenge. First we tackled the living room, then we took on the聽bedroom聽and now we鈥檙e moving on to the kitchen. Whether your style is sophisticated and chic or cozy and rustic, we can guarantee you鈥檒l be able to pull off any聽look on a budget. To help you get started, check out our聽favorite picks for the kitchen, all ringing it at under $50.

Under $10

Painted Mason Jar

1. Painted Mason Jar ($10): Is there anything a Mason jar can鈥檛 be used for? Aside from a pretty vase or country-style drinking glass, these babies are great for keeping utensils within reach.


2. Veggie Roasting Guide Printable (Free): You can鈥檛 beat free. Whether you frame this printable or iron it onto a tea towel,聽it takes the guesswork out of cooking your fave veggies.

We Do Cooking Tea Towel

3. Tea Towel ($5): Speaking of tea towels, we love these charming ones聽that call it like it is. We do聽cooking, you do dishes.

Garden in a Can

4. Garden in a Can聽($10): That鈥檚 right, you can grow produce in a can. Choose from chili peppers, mint, basil or tomatoes and enjoy fresh herbs and veggies straight from your kitchen counter.

Monogram Mug

5. Monogram Mug ($8): Probably one of the most popular coffee vessels聽on the blogosphere, this Anthro mug聽is a must for any kitchen. Whether you sip coffee or tea or use it as a vase for spring flowers, it鈥檚 sure to look chic.


6. Stone Canisters聽($10): Bring a little color and function to your kitchen with these brightly hued stone containers. They鈥檙e perfect for storing tea, coffee, whatever!

Under $25

Paint Chip Placemats

7. Paint Chip Placemats ($22): Make mealtime or dinner parties feel fun and festive with聽these colorful, paint chip-inspired placemats.

Candy Rock Cupcake Platter

8. Candy Rock Cupcake Platter ($22): We couldn鈥檛 think of a sweeter way to showcase a decadent dessert. Sorry, cupcake not included ;)

Threshold Chalkboard Canister

9. Threshold Chalkboard Canister ($12-$18): These gold and white canisters will make any kitchen feel chic. They also provide easy organization with chalkboard labels.

Painted Amaryllis Butter Dish

10. Painted Amaryllis Butter Dish ($16): Add a cheerful touch to any tablescape or countertop with this pretty, floral-patterned butter dish.

Corner Tea Towel

11. Corner Tea Towel ($24): Who could forget this classic line from聽Dirty Dancing?聽Keep it current with a modern printed tea towel.

Threshold Steel Food Storage Bowl

12. Threshold Steel Food Storage Bowl ($13): This gorgeous geometric bowl is perfect for keeping fresh fruit handy for breakfast on the go or snacking throughout the day.

Under $50


13. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board聽($26): Add a little pizzaz to your kitchen with this cool cutting board.

Das Bier Print

14. Das Bier Print ($45): Up your beer knowledge with this informative poster, complete with descriptions of history and flavor. Plus, the poster shows each beer in its proper glassware so you can serve them up right at your next party.

RASKOG Utility Cart

15. RASKOG Utility Cart ($30): This has to be one of our favorite pieces from IKEA because of its versatility and price. Whether you use it for extra storage in the kitchen or as a makeshift bar cart, the RASKOG cart is a must-have.

4040 Locust Wire Kitchen Storage Rack

16. 4040 Locust Wire Kitchen Storage Rack ($39): Counters can easily get cluttered, so look to the walls for storage. Keep small jars corralled and organized in this industrial spice rack.

Kitchen Quick Chart

17. Kitchen Quick Chart ($27): Ever聽wondered how many tablespoons are in a cup? Wonder no more 鈥 this quick kitchen cheat sheet is聽here to help.


18. Austin Color Block Magnet Set聽($34): With these color block magnets your fridge will get just the artsy update it needs.

How do you decorate on a budget? What are your favorite ways to decorate the kitchen? Chat with us in the comments!