The heart of everyone’s home is the kitchen. You can deck it out with fun plates, cups, appliances and furniture, but what about the accessories? Enter utensils. Everyone’s got a set of wooden spoons in their kitchen, but you might not know what a creative canvas they can be. Take a look at these 18 different ways to stylize your kitchen accessories, and then get to cookin’, good lookin’!

1. Double Dipped Spoons: Don’t just do the dip once… double dip it! Play with pastel colors to adorn each of your bamboo utensils, then add a white stripe to bring them all together. This confirms it: Double dipping is always a good choice. (via Like a Saturday)\

2. Dotted Kitchen Utensils: We love Sincerely, Kinsey’s take on these. Add a cute pattern and complementary colors to a set of cooking tools to give your kitchen a little kick of personality. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

3. Patterned Serving Spoons: Stripes, chevron and criss-crossing, oh my! By taping patterns onto a set of serving spoons and painting the handles with cheerful colors, these bamboo spoons bring a ton of fun to cooking up something wonderful. (via We See Rainbows)

4. Ombre Wrapped Flatware: Serving utensils shouldn’t have all the fun. Bamboo flatware is fantastic for picnic lunches and BBQs, and adding ombre embroidery floss makes digging in so much more colorful. (via Confetti Pop)

5. Glittered Wooden Spoons: Embrace the sparkle and bring the glitz to your wooden spoons! Coat spoons in glue, then dip in glitter to mix some fierce glam into your kitchen. Cooking has never been so fabulous. (via Something Turquoise)

6. Geo Patterned Kitchen Tools: For a trendy patterned take on painting your kitchen accessories, turn to this tutorial on Free People’s blog. Bring a theme into play by decorating a cutting board as well, and enjoy the cool aesthetic this will bring into all of your food prep. (via Free People Blog)

7. Painted Wooden Utensils: Got some artistic flair? Nous Decor took a more detailed approach to painting kitchen tools and grouped them by using navy and natural wood texture as a color scheme. What a lovely way to cook! (via Nous Decor)

8. Neon Wooden Utensils: If you’re in need of some serious color to interact with your cookery, get some paint and make these neon-dipped utensils! With colors this fun, we can totally see the kiddos getting involved in meal prep, too. (via Sarah Hearts)

9. Ombre Painted Utensils: Ombre is an of- the-moment DIY staple, and this tutorial manages to bring the gradated touch to kitchen tools. Unify mismatched spoons with a common color palette, or bring some quirkiness to a set with a different gradient for each tool. (via Everything Etsy)

10. Washi Tape + Paint Utensils: We love washi tape, and so will your cookery! Enhance utensils with paint, then add washi tape in fun patterns to make meal prep time a little more whimsical. (via Just Us Four)

11. Rainbow Painted Wooden Spoons: Choosing a color or color family can be hard. After all, there are so many great ones to choose from! Embrace the indecision and take on this tutorial to bring all the colors of the wind into your kitchen. (via Little Bit Funky)

12. Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils: If painting isn’t your scene, consider taking on these wood burned utensils! Take note of each tool’s purpose by burning it into the handle, and never confuse your spatula with your serving spoon again. (via Cherished Bliss)

13. Etched Wooden Spoons: Add designs to wooden spoons by etching them in. These have some serious style and would add an effortlessly cool vibe to any kitchen. The herringbone is really a stunner! (via Design Mom)

14. Stamped Wooden Utensils: Got metal stamps? Then you’ve got what you need to make these sweet stamped utensils. The pictured tools were stamped with Thanksgiving in mind, but we could totally see words like savory, sweet, flaky and gooey as a delicious embossed additions to your chef accessories. (via The Idea Room)

15. Nail Polish Utensils: Even without paint, you can still change up your utensils using nail polish. Consider using metallic or glitter polish to get a completely different look. (via Brit + Co)

16. Painted Chopsticks: Spoons shouldn’t have all the fun, right? Open up the take-out drawer and jazz up some chopsticks! (via Jade and Fern)

17. Jute-Wrapped Utensils: Maybe painting, etching, stamping or wood burning aren’t for you. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for a frugal way to add a little life to your utensils. Try crafting these jute-wrapped kitchen tools for a cute (+ cheap) DIY that’s begging for a spot in any rustic digs. (via Uncommon Designs)

18. Color-blocked Wooden Spoons: These were painted with a perfect color scheme and pay homage to our fave site, Brit + Co… obvi! (via Craftiness Is Not Optional)

Got your own take on revamping wooden utensils? Share it with us in the comments below.