We love a good multi-tasking, do-it-all appliance around here. The George Foreman Grill kept many of us well-fed (or at least… fed) throughout college. Brit HQ is home to a breakfast sandwich maker or two. And this toaster stopped us in our butter-lovin’ tracks. We like the modern look of the all-glass appliance on its little smart sleigh, but it’s what the Bugatti Noun Toaster can do that has our mouths watering.

The glass walls aren’t just an appealing design element, the Bugatti can cook up any food between them using semi-conductors in place of the grills in your traditional toaster. Bugatti is pretty and smart, Bluetooth-enabled and hooked up to an app that lets you set the temperature according to a chosen recipe. Put food like shrimp and steak (both tough to cook perfectly using old fashioned appliances) into a heat-resistant bag, tell Bugatti what you’re toasting and it will cook it up like a chef in a five star restaurant would. And when it comes to toast, it has that on lock, ***flawlessly browning each piece you pop into it.

What would you pay for breakfast perfection in the form of two pieces of bread, browned to your particular preference every time + sausage links served up the same way, married with Bugatti’s sleek design? If that all sounds priceless to you, let’s give you an estimate. $1,000. That’s how much the Bugatti Noun Toaster will cost you for crisp, breaded bliss. Are you okay?! Choking on a crumb? It will be available (in high-end Brookstones? Sky Mall mags?) to bring home in 2015.

What kitchen appliance would you splurge on? Ever bought a crazy gadget you’re embarrassed to share the price of? Come on, do it! Tell us below!