From cozy indoor date nights to workouts with your boo, spending time with your significant other can be magical this time of year. But according to lazy-gal-lifesaver app TaskRabbit, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do with your S.O. this winter: Assemble IKEA furniture. The folks at TaskRabbit tapped some of their top furniture assemblers to rank popular IKEA pieces based on how long they take to put together and how much of a strain the assembly process could put on your relationship.

IKEA Products Where Building With Bae Could End in a Breakup

Save yourself the heartbreak and check out this list before you do any new furniture shopping.


TaskRabbit Requests Where Building IKEA Furniture Went Terribly Wrong

TaskRabbit also compiled a list of some of their customers’ funniest pleas for help building IKEA furniture and kindly shared the hilarity with us.

Couple Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture In New Home

1. A Waaay Too Confident Fella: “I thought I was smart enough to assemble IKEA furniture — wrong. I thought my husband was smart enough. Double wrong,” writes one anonymous client. “Need help putting together a twin daybed and some shelves before our family comes to visit for the holidays in two weeks.” Here’s hoping the in-laws didn’t have to sleep on the couch!

2. A Not-So-Trusting Wifey: “My husband is out of town on a golfing trip until Sunday and I’d like to get two IKEA Stuva wardrobes for my sons assembled before he gets back,” says a practical TaskRabbit client. “He thinks he can handle IKEA furniture, but I’d prefer these done right!”


3. The Lost Weekend: “I bought an IKEA Pax Wardrobe last week and wasted an entire weekend trying to assemble it,” writes a TaskRabbit user. “Have all the tools, just need more hands.”

4. The Case of the Wobbly Bed: “I have an IKEA Brimnes bed that keeps breaking when I sleep on it,” explains another request. “Clearly I messed something up during assembly. The wooden slats keep falling and the mattress hits the floor every single night. Can someone come disassemble and assemble?”

5. A Desperate Cry for Help: “We desperately need some help assembling IKEA Hemnes Sideboard ASAP.” Desperate and ASAP? Someone help this lady!

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