When it comes to indulgent junk food, there are a few classics we鈥檒l always be suckers for: the midday rainbow donut, some mozzarella sticks, a not-so-healthy serving of funfetti nachos鈥 But hold up, y鈥檃ll. There鈥檚 a new snack in town, and it鈥檚 seriously about to change the game. Say hello to your new best friends (and worst enemies): Burger King鈥檚 new Mac n鈥 Cheetos.

This is not a drill people. This is a real menu item now available at the fast food chain. As you may be able to gather from the photo, these cheesy treats are similar to mozzarella sticks, except that the mozzarella聽has been replaced by mac n鈥 cheese and the breadcrumbs have been subbed for ground up Cheetos.

The dish is selling for $2.49 for a five-pack and has already been unveiled in select Burger King locations. While some junk food and fast food hybrids haven鈥檛 been received聽quite so warmly (ahem, Taco Bell鈥檚 Captain Crunch donut holes), this seems to be a hit with the people.

If you鈥檙e at all interested in giving these a try, we suggest you act fast. It鈥檚 a limited edition snack and will only be sold for about eight weeks or until supplies run out. And judging by how well the Twitterverse is reacting, we鈥檙e guessing they might聽not even last that long.

(Photos via Burger King)