A while back we couldn’t help but squeal with excitement and cuteness overload when we discovered Toymail, a tech-savvy toy that lets you send mail to the children who own it directly from your phone. It takes instant messaging to a new level, leaving the digital part to you, and letting kiddies enjoy the experience of receiving actual mail — you know, before that disappears from their lives altogether.

Toymail is essentially baby’s first email, ideal especially for younger children who don’t have a phone or aren’t ready to use one yet. The Wi-Fi connected toys let parents, friends, and family send messages to the youngsters they love using their iOS or Android app.

The toys growl, snort or squeak to alert children about a new message. The toys speak in their own silly voices, or can simply play back a recording of your own voice. Kids can respond immediately just by speaking to the toy and sending their message along. Check it out:

The walkie-talkie chat system stole our hearts not just because it’s so cute, but because it’s a sweet way to stay in touch with loved ones, no matter where in the world they are. Cute, functional and bringing people together? Who said these have to be for kids; we want one for ourselves, too!

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