In case you couldn’t tell, we can’t get enough of the fruit print trend. Not only do we think you can’t go wrong with fruit print clothing, but we are also utterly obsessed with fruit print home decor. We’ve even rounded up 27 of our favorite sweet pieces!

1. When Life Gives You Lemons Print ($26): When life gives you lemons, definitely frame them because this is the cutest thing ever.

2. Plum & Bow Fruity Bath Mat ($24): Call off the search. We’ve officially found the coolest bath mats ever. And at only $24, it’s completely acceptable to buy it in both colors.

3. Lemon + Lime Salt and Pepper Shakers ($14): Because plain salt and pepper shakers are far too boring. These lemon and lime shakers are sure to shake up your kitchenware.

4. Measuring Cups ($24): Um, have you ever seen better measuring cups than these? I think not. Plus, this is kind of a 4-in-1 product. Four fruits for the price of one!

5. Pineapples Tea Towel ($25): It’s no secret that pineapples are the frontrunner of this trend, so we find it completely necessary to cover everything in them, including this tea towel.

6. Plum & Bow Apple Hook ($8): Hang all of your fruit printed clothing on this green apple hook.

7. Urban Outfitters Pineapple Candle ($20): Just saying, this candle comes in B+C colors. Isn’t that reason enough to own it in all three colors?

8. Anthropologie Tiered Fruits Sculpture ($298): Fruit is a classic summer centerpiece. Who says it has to be real?

9. Pineapple Cutting Board and Cheese Tools ($35): We’ve one-upped this whale cheese board with this way cool pineapple cutting board. And it comes with cheese tools, too!

10. Anthropologie Pineapple Print Pillow ($168): Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Oh wait, sorry ;)

11. Homefires Pink Pineapple Rug ($39): Spice up your front porch with a pineapple welcome mat.

12. Zazzle Orange Fruit Clock ($29): Orange you glad we shared this clock?

13. Plum & Bow Banana Hook ($8): Hook ‘em horns bananas. Add this to your collection along with the apple hook!

14. Lime Pillow ($35): This lime pillow is the perfect way to spice (or sour!) up your sofa.

15. Blue House Dish Towel ($18): This vibrant dish towel is kind of cray, but we think it would be a great addition to any trendy kitchen.

16. Zazzle Kiwi Fruit Pillow ($29): If you already plan on buying the lime and pineapple pillows, you might as well add kiwi to the pillow salad!

17. Grocery List Notepad ($11): Cutest. Grocery List. Ever.

18. La Piña Print ($28): This simple little pineapple print is ready to spruce up your kitchen or add a note of tropical hospitality to your foyer.

19. Plum & Bow Ceramic Fruit Box ($14): Store your jewelry in this adorable ceramic lemon box.

20. Plum & Bow Juicy Pillow ($29): Bring a little sunshine into your home with this pillow.

21. Pineapple Ice Trays ($14): Pineapples are the new cubes. Kind of like how orange is the new black ;)

22. Pineapples Pillow Cover ($35): Are you tired of the pineapples yet? We aren’t. This one takes an orange spin on the trend.

23. Sliced Fruits Table Runner ($48): This table runner will give your tabletop the citrus pop you’ve been looking for.

24. Plum & Bow Ceramic Fruit Box ($14): Store all of your dainty fruit necklaces in this strawberry ceramic box.

25. Fruit Wedge Tumbler ($10): Keep it classic with these simple glasses. They would be great at any BBQ.

26. Watermelon Dessert Plate ($14): This is the summer dessert plate you’ve been waiting for. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to munch off of this plate?!

27. Limes Patterned Wall Clock ($45): Just in case you didn’t get enough lime with the pillow, here’s the matching clock.

Are you totally on board with the fruit print trend? Let us know your favorite piece in the comments below.