There’s nothing like the great outdoors — the trees, the s’mores and those flawless camping braids. Wait, what? Okay, so maybe we usually associate our camping ‘do with unwashed, smokey-smelling strands, but it’s time to change all that. This summer, forget the dry shampoo, get a little creative and embrace the second-day hairstyle trend. These pretty camping braids prove that just ’cause you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to look so… well, rough. From elegant braids for a glamping weekend to boho plaits that bring on those festival vibes, scroll through these 13 braided styles and find your next flawless look for all your summer camping trips.

1. Braided Topknot: While your typical topknot is always a go-to style for dressed-down weekends, kick things up a notch by adding Dutch braids to the lazy-day ‘do. Did we mention this is the *perfect* way to cover up second-day hair?

2. Bandana Braids: In case you haven’t heard: Bandanas are back, people! And just in time for camping season. Cover up those dirty locks by braiding your hair into chunky pigtails, then add a large bandana to cover up your not-so-fresh roots.

3. Boxer Braids: Roll up to your campsite on-trend sporting these spunky boxer braids. Though this look has been around since the dawn of hair, there’s no denying that boxer braids are having a major moment.

(C) Jennifer Coffey

4. Braided Pony: Whether you’re roughing it with your honey or attending your BFF’s glamp-style wedding, give your rustic braid a romantic appeal with this feminine side pony. Pulling the strands apart is key for giving this ethereal braid a laid-back vibe. (via Brit + Co)

5. Festival Braids: Still in that festival state of mind? Bring on the bohemian charm with messy Dutch braids paired with effortlessly tousled waves.

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6. Braided Ponytail: While a girls’ weekend in Vegas is fun and all, you’re more into a chill camp weekend. Give off those cool-girl vibes with this braided high pony style, done in two minutes flat.

7. Dutch Braid Part: Channel an unexpected look on your next woodland excursion with this modern braided part. Simply add a small dutch braid down the middle and tie it into a basic low pony to keep those low-key camping vibes alive.

(C) Jennifer Coffey

8. Figure-8 Braid: Glamping with the gals this summer? Elevate your camping braid with this clean and classy figure-eight hack. Think of this as the dressed-down version of your usual fishtail braid. (via Brit + Co) 

9. Side Braids: Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to abandon your glam-rock sensibilities. Incorporate tiny Dutch braids in your deep-parted ‘do to give your campsite style that bit of edge you’re after.

10. Knotted Boxer Braid: While we love a good boxer braid, they’re not always the best for hardcore camping — you’re gonna need a style that won’t get in your way during an active trip. Keep your hair flawless and functional by knotting the ends of your on-trend braid for a no-fuss yet still fashionable style.

11. Fishtail Wrap Braid: Rock a look that’s sweet as s’mores with a romantic fishtail braid. Start this pretty plait at the crown of your head and subtly wrap it into an elegant side pony for an elevated outdoor style.

(C) Jennifer Coffey

12. Double Braids: This look is twice the braids and double the fun. Weave together two French braids for a look that’s both classic and mess-friendly. (via Brit + Co)

13. Messy Pigtail Braids: These aren’t your typical schoolgirl pigtails. Keep your hair out of your face and let your hair’s natural volume do its thing for a soft and easy woodland look.

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