Now that fall has officially arrived, we’ve seen plenty of delicious seasonal treats popping up, from pumpkin spice churros and Oogie Boogie popcorn at Disneyland to mouthwatering healthy pumpkin smoothies to rival even our beloved PSL.

One festive snack in particular, however, has the internet rather divided: Say hello to candy corn pizza.

Twitter user @Asswolf debuted the masterful creation on social media earlier this week, simply writing, “‘Tis the season my dudes,” and before he knew it, the cheesy candy invention had gone viral, with more than 15,000 retweets and close to 35,000 likes.

Reactions to the corn-infused dough were severely mixed, with some living for its existence, and others feeling ill at the sight of it.

Even DiGiorno Pizza got in on the fun, sounding off their own opinion on the pie, with a brutal ‘Tis the no,’ to which @Asswolf cheekily replied, “If y’all want the recipe, I’m giving it away for free.” (DiGiorno passed.)

A word of caution, however: As its creator noted, the dessert-pie is to be eaten sparingly, should you dare attempt your own version.

“I ate three pieces and became slightly ill from the sugar,” he admitted.

Thanks for the tip — duly noted!

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(Photo via @T0xic_Bard)