If you’re a frequent reader of Brit + Co, then you know that we’ve been writing and making like crazy over the last couple months, all to create our very first book. Naturally, part of this process involved us finding the perfect interiors to shoot to bring our dream home to life. To find these locations, we teamed up with Airbnb to highlight two gorgeous San Francisco homes throughout the book.

While on location, we definitely took note of the interior design and personality of each place. In fact, that’s one of our favorite reasons to use Airbnb. At every place you stay, you’re able to immerse yourself in the life of the host — by quite literally seeing the view from their window. As part of Airbnb’s Views campaign, this series is all about changing your perspective while you travel.

Guess what the little table in the photo you see below was made out of? Cardboard. For real. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to turn this interior inspiration into something you can do at home!

We stumbled upon this sweet scene at this home in Presidio Heights, and totally fell in love with the quirkiness of this cardboard piece. Here are 21 ways to bring the artful cardboard aesthetic into your home!

1. Cardboard Stool ($75): This little stool is surprisingly sturdy, considering you can probably make it out of just a few of those Amazon boxes you’ve got laying around.

2. The Coop ($312): This statement piece has hipster written all over it, and you could easily deck it out with drawings.

3. Hanging Out ($195): City dwellers this one is for you. More closet space is always a must!

4. Eco Chair: Not only is this chair eco-friendly but it’s also super versatile. It can be transformed from an armchair to a chaise lounge to a guest bed! (via ecochair)

5. Little Racer ($50): This piece is a perfect DIY for your little Nascar racer. Assemble the race car and let your little one add all sorts of custom touches to make it uniquely theirs.

6. Artemisia: Who knew cardboard could look so chic? This is a must for the Brit + Co. office. Might need to add this to the to-make list… ;) (via Kubedesign)

7. Origami Lamp Shades: Complete your cardboard cave with DIY paper origami lamp shades. These geometric hanging pendants totally transform a room. (via Brit + Co)

8. Cartoooni Kids Furniture: Have you heard? Brit + Co. now has a kids section ;) These geometric cardboard pieces are topped with fun felt colors and would dress up any mini den. (via Andrea Burgnera)

9. Small Kenno Cardboard Chair: White furniture + kids = OH NO! Don’t fret with these chairs, made especially for kids. Let them be their own interior designer by creating patterns with fun washable markers. (via Rafa Kids)

10. Clorinda: Part art, part chair, we’re digging the rich red accents on this chair-iffic piece. (via Kubedesign)

11. Chick ‘n’ Egg chair: We’re sweet on the honeycomb structure that keeps these chairs sturdy as ever. (via Responsive Design)

12. Triangular Wall Caddy: Now here’s one you can make in under an hour. Simply cut a bunch of triangles out of cardboard, spray paint ’em in colors you like and glue them all together. Boom. (via Brit + Co)

13. Wiggle Side Chair: Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah. (via Apres)

14. Spartakus: Are we obsessed with this pattern? YES! Plus this corrugated cardboard sofa has extremely clean lines — we’re lovin’ it! (via Kubedesign)

15. F Bed Set ($2,340): If you’re shelling over these kind of bucks for a cardboard bed, it might be time to go for actual wood. But… this definitely made us look.

16. The Paperpedic Bed ($269): We’re kind of in love with those little cardboard cube shelves that create the headboard for this crazy piece.

17. Rokko: Love the funky vintage lines of this side table. It would also make a great nightstand. (via Kubedesign)

18. Cardboard Coffee Table ($699): This combination of wood, glass and cardboard is design-forward, and we’re into it.

19. Arm Chair ($180): We’ve featured work from Chairigami before, and this chair looks like something you could spend an entire afternoon in. (via Chairigami)

20. Pennika: I would definitely be nervous to rock around on this rocker, but love the white edging. (via Kubedesign)

21. S-Cube ($400): The kid in this photo is definitely questioning whether he can play on these cubes or not ;)

Bonus! Carton Restaurant: Check this out! A whole restaurant made out of cardboard. Our only worry is spillage… soggy table anyone? (via Bit Rebels)

Have you seen any cool cardboard pieces? Have any in your home? What other quirky pieces do you have in your home to make it uniquely you? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Airbnb. Book a room with Airbnb and get a unique view of the world.