Carrie Underwood knows a thing or two about body confidence. While she’s always been committed to fitness (and she’s got her own fitness apparel line to prove it!), the singer has recently come into a whole new positive view of her body image, thanks to her experience as a new mom.


Originally a fan of diet supplements to lose weight, Carrie recently admitted to People that she has a healthier appreciation for her body post-pregnancy. She told the magazine that not only has she “gained a whole new respect for my body,” but she also has an inspiring message for other new moms as well. “We place so much emphasis on looks and less on how you feel and how your engine’s running,” she said. “I think if we did more of that, more people would be more accepting and probably even treat their bodies better.”


Despite her positive attitude, she admits that balancing mom duty and work isn’t always easy. Thankfully, her workout partner and baby daddy is always there to share parenting duties.


Working out and taking care of her body is clearly working to improve Carrie Underwood’s body image. Her simple acknowledgement that her body is amazing is definitely encouraging us to treat our bodies better. Having a hottie husband and a cute baby doesn’t hurt, either.

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(h/t Women’s Health Mag, photos via Michael Loccisano/Getty, @carrieunderwood and Carrie Underwood)