Of all the hot looks at last week’s Billboard Music Awards, one celeb and her so-glam head-to-toe style completely stole the show and had us talking all week — Carrie Underwood. The country music maven had a serious rock star moment on the red carpet: Her dress wow-ed, her jewels shimmered and that coral lip color… don’t even get us started! But her edgy updo, that’s a style you DON’T have to be an A-lister to pull off! It’s elegant enough to wear to your fanciest summer occasions (wedding guest hair, anyone?), but cool enough to rock with your go-to skinnies and a flowy blouse on more casual days.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to get the superstar-approved look!

1. Give yourself a heavy side part.

2. Use a heat protector spray to prep the hair and ensure smoothness. I’m using Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($16).

3. Curl back the top front section of your hair and pin it off to the side with a duck bill clip. This is going to help shape the top portion and give it volume.

4. Finish curling the top of your hair in segments and secure with clips. Then, pull back the sides of your hair and pinch it up to give yourself a slight pomp. Secure with bobby pins.

5. Curl back the remaining hair beneath the portion you just pinned and secure with duckbill clips to help give it shape.

6. Let your pin curls cool for about 15 minutes.

7. Remove the top clips.

8. Back comb the top portion of your hair to give it maximum height. Be sure to back comb in the direction you will be shaping the hair, so AWAY from your side part — in this case toward the left side of your head.

9. Once your hair is combed and in the right direction, smooth out the top gently, but don’t flatten it out.

10. When you are happy with the shape of the top section, secure it on the side with a couple bobby pins and pin the rest of the hair over the pomp you pinned earlier.

11. Remove the remaining bottom clips.

12. Back comb the curls underneath to give them a little more volume.

13. Roll the bottom hair into curls and pin them back toward the nape of your neck.

Done! And looking like quite the American Idol if we do say so! ;)

What updos or hairstyles have you seen recently that you’d like us to recreate? Talk to us in the comments below.