Who knew that the cassette tape turned half a century old today?! While we might not use them for listening to music anymore (aside from the random trip down mix tape memory lane), there are plenty of ways to show your love for the cassette. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Cassette Tape Dispenser ($22): We love a good pun, and this tape tape dispenser doesn’t disappoint.

2. Cassette Tape iPhone Case ($5): There’s nothing like covering the latest digital tech in an ode to analog.

3. Cassette Door Wedge ($25): Obviously this doorstop is the best door jam(b) in town.

4. Tape Express ($50): Not quite as cool as the one that converts directly to your iPhone this tape “recorder” turns all your old radio mix tapes into MP3s.

5. Drinkman Flask ($13): We love a good flask! And this portable player doesn’t disappoint. Bring it out to all of your football game pre-parties this season.

6. Mixtape Coffee Table ($6,450): If you really love the cassette tape, put this jumbo one in your living room.

7. Cassette Tape Necklace ($15): Forget the nameplate necklace, the cassette tape pendant is where it’s at.

8. Cassette Tape Doormat ($18): Let guests know what kind of party to expect the second they reach your door with this retro mat.

9. Cassette Calculator ($3): The wallet calculator might be on it’s way out as well, but until it’s fully replaced by the smartphone, this mix tape version is our pick.

10. Tie Clip ($14): Keep your tie in check with this line art cassette tape clip.

11. Duvet Set ($169): Retrofit your bedroom with this wildly colored tape duvet and sham set. Your hipster guests will love it!

12. Sticky Tapes ($6): Jot down all your reminders on these cassette-shaped sticky notes. You’ll remember your to-dos AND your fond memories of the 80s all at once.

Have any other fun ways to re-use a cassette type? Tell us in the comments!