There are a lot of downsides to wearing a cast. They’re clunky, uncomfortable, itchy and, let’s not forget, smelly. The only good thing about wearing a cast is all the fun messages that your friends can write on it. But what if there was a way to wear a durable, waterproof and breathable cast and still keep all your personal messages? Now there is.

#Casts is a free app that helps you curate get-well-soon messages from your friends through your social media networks. Once you approve your messages up to a certain number of characters, the app (as well as a scan from your doctor’s office), will send your messages to a 3D printer.

The brand new cast is made of a breathable nylon material and will be shipped to your doctor’s office so that it can be properly fitted by a specialist. How cool is that? Not only does it look a lot more chic and stylish, it’s breathable and still protects your body as it heals. Looks like a win-win! For now, #Casts is just a concept, but the technology is ready, so we hope they’re a not-so-distant reality.

Would you try #Casts if you needed one? Let us know your experiences with casts in the comments.