Warning: Reading this article might make you jump out of your seat to stretch, walk, run or dance. So clear a path now.

Sitting all day is bad for you. There, we said it. Maybe we didn’t have to because you’ve read all of the frightening facts about what office life does for your body in the long run — even if you’re active the rest of the time! We’re talking slower metabolism and affected mental health in the short term and higher risks for chronic diseases and lower life expectancy in the long run. Yikes!

Wait, hold on one sec. I need to switch to an exercise ball. That’s a little better, but, FYI, a pencil skirt is not an ideal outfit for exercise ball-balancing. If you too are sitting, help is on its way with Chairigami’s simple-to-assemble, super affordable, cute lil standing desk that could change more things for your office than Gchat being down. Turning sitting time into standing could boost your mood and lower your risk for chronic health issues. And, as proven in the video below, allow for more at-work dancing. What office couldn’t use more of that?

From New Haven, CT, Chairigami is a company that makes cardboard furniture for the “urban nomad,” outfitting offices, home offices, pop-ups and other temporary or permanent design-minded spaces. Their latest endeavor is an even-more-affordable-than-Ikea cardboard standing desk that could help you make tall strides in your 9-to-5 life and your life life (please see stats above on chronic disease and life expectancy re: sitting down all day).

You can order a standing desk for $120 on the company’s website right now, or fund their Kickstarter campaign, where an $85 pledge gets you a desk and $160 gets you a desk with custom graphics. As I type, they are about $6,000 away from their goal with almost a month left, so their dreams of raising enough to produce the first 500 are a very possible reality. Guys, do you need an office to test these out in? I might know one…

Even though it can hold up to 300 pounds, Chairigami’s cardboard standing desk only weighs 15 so you can easily move it around. This is good for your back and also office pranks. You know, the ol’ “where did my desk go, oh, it’s in the bathroom/on the roof again” prank. The idea of cardboard furniture gets our creative juices going… paint, fabric, washi, laser-printed signage — the list goes on!

Do you have a standing desk? Would you give this one a shot? How do you battle office fatigue?