With the holidays right around the corner, we know you’re going to be hitting up a lot of dinner parties and maybe even hosting some. Either way, this time of year there are constantly leftovers spilling out of the fridge. What is a person supposed to do with three quarters of a pie? Though eating it sounds like a delicious idea, we recommend sending some home with your guests. Instead of handing over your precious tupperware, why not hand over a festive to-go box?

 – To-go boxes

– chalkboard paint

– chalk pens

– chalkboard tags

 – twine

– painter’s tape

– foam brush


1. Paint a coat of chalkboard paint on the to-go box. You can also use a chalkboard tag or paint just a section of your box.

2. Let dry and then add a second coat.

3. Using the chalk pen, write on the painted area.

4. Let dry and then fill with leftovers.

We decided to create three different boxes: one is completely covered in chalkboard paint; one has a square; and one has a tag.

When you are painting an entire box, be sure to get under the metal handle. Depending on how thick your coat is, you might need two to three layers of paint.

Get in my belly!

To make the square, we taped off the area we wanted to paint. Get creative here! You could make a triangle, stripes, a heart — the list goes on.

Gobble gobble gobble, all Thanksgiving weekend.

Of course, the tag is pretty self-explanatory. Just tie it on! :)

We wrote fun phrases on our boxes, but you could also label them with the contents. Something simple like “Mashed Potatoes” would work, or you could spice it up and say things like “pumpkin pie for my pumpkin pie,” “turkey for a turkey,” or “stuff yourself with stuffing.”

Once your boxes have dried, you are all set to fill them with tomorrow’s lunch. Bon appétit!

Are you doing a traditional Thanksgiving or more of a Friendsgiving this year? Talk to us in the comments below.