Gone are the days of blackboards and clapping erasers after class. Today, chalkboards have become a thing of art. So, we’ve found 12 of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces of chalkboard expression. Go ahead and chalk these all up to stellar inspiration for your own masterpiece.

1. People Matter: We found this chalkboard at the Sevenly offices. What’s Sevenly, you ask? Each week their crew teams up with a different non-profit to raise funds for a particular cause over seven days. If that in and of itself isn’t inspiring, we don’t know what is. (via The Curated Life)

2. Your Solution is Passion: In an ad agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s this piece of awesome drama. Excuse us, while we go change the world. (via Hampton Creative)

3. We Fit So Well Together: This installation showed up at the Ace Hotel during New York Fashion Week. The multiple fonts, the sewing needles, and the classic Yankees symbol – everything about this chalk art just screams classic New York. We approve. (via Tanamachi Studio)

4. Abi-Haus: Pass the smoked chicken, please. We totally agree with the sentiment and are head-over-heels for the intricate detailing in this piece that lives in a restaurant in Abilene, Texas. (via Ryan Feerer Design & Illustration)

5. Our Beautiful Home: This stairwell full of beautiful chalk art in the Andaz 5th Ave Hotel is mesmerizing. We recommend raiding the mini bar and munching on Macadamias while soaking it all in. (via Tanamachi Studio)

6. Remember Everything: The team over at Evernote has this swanky chalk art etched into their memory. (via Tanamachi Studio)

7. The Fondest Memories: What makes any meal better? Hand-lettered chalk inspiration to spruce up the table, of course. You can buy your own piece in Valerie McKeehan’s Etsy shop. (via Bliss in Images)

8. Perfectly Imperfect: The floral motif and cursive script in this chalk art is the perfect combo. Bonus: You get to book a trip to Tokyo to see it. (via Tanamachi Studio)

9. The Future Inspires Us: Chalky inspiration greets the AKQA team in New York every morning. We’d be amped to start our day with this lovely motivation. (via Becky Kitlan)

10. Living My Best Life: Brit + Co. is all about color, and this chalk art rendering is full of vibrant shades. Plus, it creates an instant selfie background! No filter needed. (via Tanamachi Studio)

11. From Bean to Beverage: Such an extensive piece surely required a few lattes. Plus, all the coffee knowledge pouring out of this board in a Starbucks in Toronto makes us want to say, extra hot double shot! (via Behance)

12. The Wes Anderson: Well, hello there, Brooklyn. No address has ever looked quite so pretty. (via Tanamachi Studio)

Have you seen any stellar chalkboard inspiration? Share your chalk love with us below in the comments!