For all of you Uber-loving ladies out there (or for those of you who like the idea, but don鈥檛 feel 100 percent safe taking advantage of the service), we have some great news for you. Chariot for Women, the ladies-only ride-sharing service set to hit the streets of North America, is revving up and (almost) ready to go.

Beautiful young blond woman driving a car

The idea for Chariot for Women came to founder Michael Pelletz while he was driving for Uber and felt unsafe after聽a drunk male passenger hopped into his car and became incoherent and violent. This wasn鈥檛 an isolated incident, unfortunately, with news of Uber drivers being attacked becoming more common. After wondering聽what the experience would be like if he was a woman in the same situation,聽Pelletz聽was inspired聽to create聽the women-only service, which will also be available to children under 13 and transgender women.

Although some critics claim the service is sexist, Chariots for Women assures that it鈥檚 about safety for both the drivers and passengers and not preferential treatment. As their slogan says, they鈥檙e 鈥渄riving women towards empowerment and safety.鈥

The service had planned to launch in Boston next week but is delayed聽slightly due to expansion. Chariot for Women already has 4,000 women drivers across America ready to hit the streets, but they鈥檙e aiming for even more according to Pelletz, who said, 鈥淏y the time we launch, we will have tens of thousands of women signed up.鈥 Will you be one of them?

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(h/t Nylon, photo via Chariot for Women, Halfpoint/iStock)