Let’s hear it for Charleston, capitol of Southern charm. Between the rows of pastel dream homes, old American architecture, flowering trees, and its amicable residents, it should be no surprise that everyone and their mother have recently been flocking to — and Instagramming galore — South Carolina’s oldest city. Well, it’s high time we bring some of that Carolinan charm back home with us! We’ve teamed up with Sherwin-Williams® to create a cozy reading nook inspired by the darling pastel hues of Charleston. Click that vid to watch the full transformation!

This renovation is all thanks to the Sherwin-Williams® ColorSnap® Visualizer app, which helps us create color palettes from our own photos. Each shade the app extracts directly aligns to a Sherwin-Williams paint color, so we can paint our homes in shades *directly* taken from an image. AKA you can paint your own walls with that iconic and particular Charleston pink! Neat, huh?

Here’s how it works: Simply snap a photo of your choice, and the ColorSnap Visualizer app will automatically match the colors in your photo and create a color palette for you. You can then customize the palette to your liking by moving those li’l color bubbles around.

Why a reading nook, you say? Well, curling up with a novel in a cozy corner of our own home is the next best thing to reading on a lush, airy Charleston front porch, that’s why.

The key to coziness is layers — of textiles, patterns, and even wall paint. We layered stripes of pastel tones on the walls to add even more personality to the room. First, we painted horizontal blocks of Reliable White SW 6091 and Extra White SW 7006. We then added a thick vertical stripe of Jazz Age Coral SW 0058. We finished off the walls by adding hexagonal shelving, painted with Alyssum SW 6589, Silvermist SW 7621, Jazz Age Coral SW 0058, and Easy Green SW 6450.

Psst: Those darling shelves are directly inspired by the painted porch ceilings found throughout Charleston. The magic is in the details!

Scroll on for some more photos of this darling reading nook.

You guys, it’s *this* easy to go from photo to favorite place in a few simple steps.

Creating your own color palettes with ColorSnap Visualizer app? We want to see the results! Share screenshots with us on Instagram using #britstagram so we can take a peek.

Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison + Summer Strauch

Video: Alonna Morrison, Summer Strauch, Michael Sullivan, Justin Hamilton, Cody Towner + Patrick Walsh

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Design: Karen Pham