Wearables are looking more and more like jewelry as of late, and we’re a-okay with that. And earbuds aren’t getting left out of the glam makeover. So we wanted to try out some of these chic, stylish earbuds out. And what’s more chic than metallic? We’ve found eight pairs of shiny buds sure to take your ensemble up a notch. Forget bracelets, necklaces and earrings — this year, think about stuffing those stockings with a shiny gift of music.

1. Skinnydip London Soundbuds ($22): Your favorite 25-cent bracelet just hit the tech world with these metallic buds that are classy retro.

2. Ella Rose Gold ($50): If Frends isn’t on your radar yet, it’s about time they are. They are one of the few companies out there that are making headphones and earbuds specifically for women.

3. Metallic Ear Buds ($5): When something is this inexpensive, you can go ahead stock up with pairs for you and each and every one of your friends.

4. Metallic Earbuds ($15): If you like just a touch of shine, try this jet black pair trimmed in silver for a sporty look that’s still got some sparkle.

5. Jbuds Premium Earbuds ($4): Who doesn’t love mint? This pearly pair of buds is a total stunner.

6. Metallic Skull Earphones ($9): You don’t have to listen to heavy metal to go edgy with these skull headphones. They’re perfect for (but not limited to) head-banging.

7. Kransen Earbuds ($45): In collaboration with Urbanears, Marc by Marc Jacobs released this sexy pair of headphones that strike the right balance of colorful and metallic.

8. Gold Happy Earplugs ($30): From ear piece to cord, these buds are completely gilded to make you feel like a million bucks. These puppies come in a ton of different colors and metallics, including a 24K gold pair for $14,500. You know, for that special someone on your list who has absolutely everything.

How do you stay stylish in earbuds? Let us know your favorite pairs in the comments!