Chick-fil-A fans, get ready: The fast food chain has something new up its sleeve (and this time it’s not a weird Beyoncé-based joke). Instead, the company is debuting the first new chicken sandwich it’s launched in more than three years. And from the sounds of things, it was worth the wait: It’s smokey. It’s BBQ-y. It’s bacon-y. It’s the Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich.


Starting with its signature grilled chicken, Chick-fil-A is adding plenty of savory ingredients to top the new drool-worthy masterpiece, including bacon that’s been coated in a brown sugar pepper blend, Colby-Jack cheese, green leaf lettuce, and a zesty Smokehouse BBQ Sauce that was crafted special for the sandwich. With a new Hawaiian-style bun adding a little sumthin’ sumthin’ extra to the already delectable entrée, we can definitely see this being a new customer fave.

Chick-fil-A Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich

Available nationwide starting today and staying on the menu through August 19 (it’s only a temporary addition… for now), it’s the perfect choice for your summer hunger-based cravings.

BRB… we’ve got a date with the fil-A!

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(h/t Thrillist; photos via Alex Wong/Getty, Chick-fil-A)