Somewhere in between sorting through the gifts and picking out the most drool-worthy outfits (pun-intended!), it’s important to find time to baby-proof your home. Read on for a list of safety tips and things to remember when making sure your house is not only cute, but comfortable and safe for your new bundle of joy.

1. Secure Furniture: Babies, toddlers — kids love to climb, and any piece of furniture is fair game. Secure TVs, dressers and bookshelves to the wall or with straps to prevent your kids from inadvertently pulling them down. (via Baby List)

2. Turn Down the Heat ($11): First, check out your water heater, and set it to 120 degrees fahrenheit — any higher and you run the risk of your child receiving burns. You can also getting a handy tub thermometer like this one.

3. Put Away the Cleaning Supplies: Even though you’ve got locks and guards on all the cabinets and drawers, it’s still a good a idea to keep hazardous materials like cleaning supplies on high shelves. (via Kids in the House)

4. Gate the Stairs ($56): It’s a given, but stair guards should be put up on the top and bottom of each flight. Try to avoid the pressure control types, as kids are often stronger than you think and can pull those down.

5. Lock Cabinets and Doors ($13): Yes, they may be a little bit of a pain, but it’s vital to keep cabinets, cupboards, drawers and shelves locked. The good news is that there are a ton of options available, including magnetic versions.

6. Kitchen Safety: Knob covers prevent any accidental ignitions, and appliances should be kept off the counters and either put up high or locked away in cabinets to avoid being pulled down and causing injury. (via It’s a Baby)

7. Electricity Protection: Wall sockets are on eye-level with babies and look inviting (hey, let’s see what this is!), so make sure to put covers on all of them. And don’t forget to cover or put away cables and extension cords, too. (via Shock Blocker)

8. Lock the Toilet: They may look silly, but toilet clasps protect your kids from getting into trouble and your valuables from being flushed. (via London Mums)

9. Cover Sharp Edges ($7): There are furniture and corner guards in all types of materials and colors, which is handy since pretty much every straight edge should be protected to avoid cuts and bumps.

What tips do you have for child-proofing your home? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!