We’ve seen some pretty interesting yoga classes in recent years — naked yoga, cat yoga, anti-gravity yoga — heck, we’ve even seen a few brave souls attempt a yoga routine inside an actual bouncy house. But the newest trend sweeping the yogi world is by far the tastiest one to date: chocolate yoga. And yes, it totally involves munching on some delicious cocoa in cute yoga pants.

Chocolate Yoga

Chocolate company Love Cocoa has teamed up with UK yoga instructor Guzel Mursalimova to create a 90-minute chocolate meditation and restorative yoga practice that has recently gained serious notoriety in the yoga community. “There are many parallels [between chocolate and yoga] — from experiencing a naturally elevated mood after indulging in a piece of delicious chocolate, to the feeling of lightness and radiance after a restorative yoga practice,” Mursalimova said in a short interview. “For me, mindful movement, power of breath, and organic vegan chocolate are a perfect match.”

The actual yoga session is split into two parts. During the first half of the class, participants are instructed to use the ancient Buddhist techniques of mindful awareness to transport them out of the hectic headspaces and into the present moment. With a chocolate bar in one hand, Mursalimova coaches the yogis to experience eating chocolate in a more mindful way and trains them to unlock a new spectrum of flavors and sensations. “It is a common meditation technique — to focus your attention on one point, object or feeling,” Mursalimova tells us. “For example, you could focus your attention on brushing your teeth or sipping some water. I chose chocolate because I love it, but often I remember eating only the first piece, and maybe the last, but not everything in between. Chocolate meditation allows us to experience the broad spectrum of taste sensations and enjoy every piece.”

The second part of the class is a tad more traditional, as participants go through the motions of a restorative yoga routine paired with essential oils. The goal is to focus on mindful movement and the development of compassion and understanding of one’s body. More specifically, this practice is designed to increase flexibility, soften and relax your muscles, and work on myofascial release — AKA you’ll leave the studio feeling light, calm, and, as Mursalimova puts it, “completely blissed out.”

The class costs 15 pounds for a 90-minute session and includes a vegan Love Cocoa chocolate bar and a chocolate-themed goodie bag. The only bummer is that the class is currently only available in the United Kingdom. Weekend trip to London, anyone?

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