Young or old, there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when waking up on Christmas morning. *But* before the gifting and quality family time begins, you have to start your day off right with a memorable (and downright delicious) Christmas breakfast. This year, make that Pillsbury Doughboy proud with a big batch of cinnamon rolls the whole family will love. Just pop ’em in the oven and before you know it everyone will be jumping out of bed for more than just perfectly selected gifts. The 16 recipes below will help you get your cinnamon roll on in no time. Happy feasting!


1. Smoked Sea Salt Buckwheat Breakfast Cinnamon Rolls: If you have a foodie family, they’re going to flip for these unique and healthy cinnamon rolls. (via Healthfully Ever After)

chai pear

2. Chai Pear Cinnamon Rolls: Fresh pear and chai spices give these cinnamon rolls an extra festive flavor that even Santa might double back for. Vegans love this recipe because it’s so easy to swap in almond milk instead of dairy. (via The Baking Fairy)


3. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls: To the naked eye, these may look like regular cinnamon rolls, but little do your guests know they’re actually vegan (and delicious!). (via Live Eat Learn)


4. White Chocolate Cranberry Sweet Rolls: Whoever said cranberry was only a Thanksgiving flavor hasn’t tried these rolls. Ditch the cinnamon, grab some white chocolate and whip these beauties up before unwrapping gifts. (via The Recipe Rebel)


5. Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls: If you’re searching for a recipe that looks like a proper Christmas breakfast, then look no further. With their bright crimson hue, these red velvet cinnamon rolls could almost be mistaken for decor. Almost. (via Chef De Home)


6. Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls: If you’re not planning ahead, most homemade cinnamon rolls are out of the question. Lucky for you, these are made with puff pastry, so they take less than an hour to come together. (via Chocolate Moosey)


7. Coconut Jam Cinnamon Rolls: If exotic is what you’re after, then these Asian-inspired cinnamon rolls made with homemade coconut jam are exactly the flavors you’re looking for. (via The Little Epicurean)


8. Mini Cinnamon Rolls With Orange Vanilla Glaze: Nothing is better than miniature food. These little treats are coated with a sweet orange-vanilla glaze that you are going to LOVE. (via Curly Girl Kitchen)


9. Cinnamon Sugar Twists: Christmas morning is the perfect opportunity to spend extra time crafting perfect little knots of cinnamon sugar goodness for the fam while they sleep in. (via Quirks and Twists)


10. Blueberry Orange Sweet Rolls: These blueberry orange sweet rolls may be totally different than the originals, but they are equally as delicious. (via A Latte Food)


11. Gooey Cinnamon Roll Cake: This cinnamon roll cake is perfect for feeding a crowd on Christmas morning — no kneading, rolling or slicing required. Just mixing and piping! (via Cleobuttera)


12. Cinnamon Roll Waffles: Try this waffle maker hack for an easy twist on the cinnamon roll. Yes, really! Crispy-edged fans will love this delightful twist on the classic. (via Creations by Kara)


13. Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Buns With Espresso Icing: For those who need a little caffeine to start their day, an espresso-flavored cinnamon bun should do the trick. (via Hungry Gals)


14. Brown Butter Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread With Cream Cheese Icing: Things are allowed to get a little bit sticky on Christmas, and this decadent pull-apart bread is the best way to do it. (via Cooking for Keeps)


15. Rustic Pancake Mix Cinnamon Rolls: Pretty isn’t everything, but what these lack in looks they make up for in flavor and ease. (via Kim’s Cravings)


16. Orange Walnut Braids: These beautiful strands of woven dough are sure to delight everyone on Christmas morning. (via Baking a Moment)

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