I have a Christmas confession: Cheesy holiday movies are my jam. I will literally watch any of them. The cornier the better. How Sarah Got Her Wings? I鈥檓 down. Candace Cameron Bure鈥檚 Christmas classic Switched for Christmas? Obviously. So, naturally, when Netflix released their version of a Hallmark holiday flick, A Christmas Prince, I had to watch. Here are 25 thoughts I had while on my cinematic journey through Aldovia. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. Yo, Ron 鈥渢he big-shot journalist,鈥 you need to check yourself.

2. Quick question: Has anyone *actually* been able to slip into a door like this?

3. No, Amber. I鈥檓 sure it was just from IKEA.

4. These friends are giving her the most useless advice ever, saying things like, 鈥淵ou could get a tutor鈥 and 鈥淛ust be one with the math.鈥 OH, okay. Thanks for that, GUYS.

5. 鈥淲here there鈥檚 a tiara, there鈥檚 dirt.鈥 Please put this on my gravestone.

6. How close is Aldovia to Genovia? Please tell me Princess Mia drops by from time to time? I bet she and Princess Emily would live it up.

7. I鈥檓 really admiring Prince Richard鈥檚 commitment to tight pants.

8. So far, tutoring has included archery lessons and baking cookies. I would like to attend the school of royal children, please.

9. I鈥檓 loving this scene where Emily and Amber see Richard playing with the kids and they just wave. Ladies, do you two not want to tell him that hundreds of people are waiting for him to give a speech? Seems important.

10. Amber is actually the teacher you always wished for. Every five minutes, she鈥檚 like, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go get fresh air鈥 and 鈥淟et鈥檚 go on an adventure.鈥

11. Can we PLEASE talk about Amber鈥檚 鈥渞eporter notes鈥? I have no words.

12. Also, what word processor are you using, girl? May I recommend switching over to Google Docs?

13. I鈥檓 honestly surprised it took so long for a snowball-fight scene.

14. FYI: From now on, I will be referring to all future sledding rides as 鈥渢obogganing expeditions.鈥

15. Wait, did I miss something? Did this just turn into Beauty and the Beast?

16. That woodsy cabin looks pretty dope, not going to lie. Is it on Airbnb?

17. Okay, but for real, all these clothes are so tight. Mr. Prince, are they providing new clothes for you at the castle? Blink twice for yes.

18. I am living for the fact that Emily just orchestrated a makeover for Amber.

19. This seems like a pretty chill coronation, honestly. Is the English royal fam watching like, 鈥淗aha, okay, Aldovia.鈥

20. Oh, wow, is the secret in the acorn ornament? Wow, I hope so. That would be the perfect way for this to end.

21. Annnnd it is. Thank you, Netflix.

22. OMG. I would like to bring Princess Emily with me everywhere I go, please and thank you.

23. Amber: 鈥淚鈥檓 going to start with a blog about King Richard.鈥 LOL, okay, girl. That鈥檚 definitely a great way you should show him you鈥檙e interested鈥

24. I鈥檓 really not sure about this ring, y鈥檃ll. Richard, did you check her Pinterest board before this purchase? But whatever. Yay for royal love.

25. Netflix, bravo. Truly a job well done. 100 percent would watch again.

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(photos via Netflix)