Things we have a love/hate relationship with: the gym, our roommates and cat-eye eyeliner. Now don’t get us wrong; a sleek cat eye can look amazing. But anyone who has ever tried the look knows that it can quickly turn into a half-hour process. One side will look great, but oh wait! The other side is a little thicker. So then you go to make the first eye just a bit bolder only to end up with two totally jet black eyelids.

However, if you’re reading this and thinking, “Pshh, I get it right the first time every time,” then you may want to try the upgraded cat eye Ciara recently showed off on Instagram (also you should definitely share your technique with us). The singer recently posted a close up of her makeup from the set of her upcoming video, “Dance Like We’re Making Love.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.28.12 PM

The look, which features a precise v-shaped cut out, was expertly created by celebrity makeup artist Yolonda Fredrick. While it’s not the easiest look to master, it’s definitely not impossible. In a video for Sephora, eyeliner master Kat Von Dee shared exactly how she creates the same triangle cut out.

She starts by using a waterproof liquid liner and begins drawing a line that follows the natural curve of her bottom lid. After that, she builds the shape from the middle of the eye. Once she’s perfected a normal-looking cat-eye, she starts creating that negative space. Kat covers a Q-tip with a makeup-removing wipe to get a super precise point. She uses that to neatly erase the top of the liner. Once she has that empty space, she goes back with the liquid liner to and draw the triangle. And voila!

If you’re a cat-eye newbie and looking for some secret ways to master the look, check out our post where we tried and tested three beauty hacks that are rumored to make the application easier (there are spoons and business cards involved, people). We won’t say you’ll definitely get it right the first time, but this artful cat-eye is definitely not as complicated as it may seem.

Have you ever tried this look? Tell us how it looked in the comments below.

(Photos via @ciara and Noam Galai/Getty)