Remember when you were a kid and you watched a ton of futuristic movies (Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century)? Everyone was dressed in metallics paired with transparent PVC material. It’s become crystal clear to us (pun intended) that see-through panels are completely fashionable — especially when it comes to our shoes. This style tends to be slightly pricier than other footwear trends, but after seeing these 15 awesome pairs, you’ll see why they’re worth the investment. Welcome to the future, girl!

1. Jash Sandals ($113): Not only will your feet be super secure in these strappy shoes, but they’ll also be dressed in style. Lemon is such a delightfully happy shade of yellow.

2. Huntington Heeled Sandals ($77): These heels are totally channeling Lisa Frank with all those fabulous hues. And we’re not complaining.

3. Cristina Flat Sandals ($100): The clear strap adds so much to the light and summery feel of these sandals. Mint green is such a gorgeous color to wear around town.

4. Clear Wedge Sandals ($630): Just as those boots were made for walkin’, these wedges for made for struttin’ — in style, that is.

5. Clearly Now Flats ($40): When oxfords made their way into womenswear, we were ecstatic. After seeing this apricot pair with their marvelous clear accents, we’re on cloud nine.

6. Crystal Heeled Shoes ($267): Show off your edgy side with these ankle cuff heels. That ombre heel is just incredible!

7. Playback Pointed Heels ($58): This is a pretty subtle clear accent, but it adds that extra bit of flair to these bright yellow pumps. How hot would these look with an all black outfit?

8. Rupert Sanderson Pointed Toe Flats ($351): There’s a definite Kermit the Frog meets Peter Pan vibe coming from these flats, and we’re loving it. These are the quirky shoes you’ve always wanted (whether you knew it or not).

9. Thiago Heels ($60): Those are some killer heels, my friend. And that ankle strap is pretty snazzy, too. Absolutely perfect for a stylish date night!

10. Ringo Sandals ($405): In our opinion, these color block slingbacks win the award for best pair. Not that we’re playing favorites or anything. They’re just so darn colorful and adorable!

11. Yasmin Heels ($134): These heels have such a great edgy look to them. It’s rocker-chic fashion at its finest, y’all.

12. Ibezia Striped-Heel Sandals ($378): We love that the heel of the shoe is the decorated accent part, as opposed to the straps. Way to go, Kate Spade!

13. D’Orsay Jelly Flats ($53): The little ‘90s girl inside of us is screaming with joy after seeing these jelly flats. That purple back is so sleek; it’s a super modern take on an old fad!

14. Clear Panel Flats ($23): Um, wait. Metallic and clear? These are definitely the oxfords of the future, ladies and gentlemen.

15. PVC + Patent Leather Sandals ($498): Yes, these sort of look like Fruit Roll-Ups, but who said fashion couldn’t be inspired by food? These fiery hues are absolutely beautiful.

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