Ankle straps are the hottest trend in the shoe department. Yes, they’ve been around for some time, but they’re finally getting all the attention they deserve. Whether you’re a flat fanatic or a sucker for stilettos, these killer kicks will have you crushing on ankle straps. After one look at these 16 pairs, you’re going to need a bigger shoe closet. #sorrynotsorry

1. Druzy d’Orsay Flats ($198): This pair goes out to all of you glitter lovers. The shiny silver and deep mustard yellow balance each other out quite well, creating the perfect pair of d’Orsay flats.

2. Color Block Sandals ($178): The only thing better than a single strap is a double strap. Coupled with color blocking and a nice chunky heel, these colorful shoes will be your favorite purchase of the year. It’s time to treat yo’self!

3. Cadaudda Heels ($80): Prints have never been mixed so beautifully! Rockin’ these with a simple black dress would be an excellent way to draw attention to your fancy kicks.

4. Audra Pumps ($33): Julianne Hough is well-known for her dancing abilities, but did you know she had such a cute shoe line? We didn’t either.

5. Ballerina Flats with Shiny Strap ($50): The best thing about these flats is their versatility. You could dress them up with a formal frock, but you could just as easily wear them casually with a pair of cropped jeans.

6. Ankle-Strap Sightseer Sandal ($60): Whether we wear them to the beach or for a quick lunch with friends, we all have that one pair of go-to sandals during the summer. If yours are getting a bit worn out, this strappy pair could be your new best friend.

7. Kuzzle Flat Shoes ($31): This beautiful hue of green has been on the rise in the fashion industry. That shade paired with the d’Orsay style of these shoes makes them a super trendy pair.

8. Denim Flats ($148): After looking at these beauties, we definitely want to see denim shoes more often. These flats are also the perfect shade of denim, so you can still rock them with a pair of jeans without being too matchy.

9. Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals ($54): Some may consider orange to be the new black, but together, they work wonders. These heels are so versatile; they’d look great with anything from an LBD to slim dress pants!

10. Hexagon Heeled Sandals ($77): The laser-cut look of the neon cuff is to die for. Is it okay to have a crush on shoes?

11. Leopard Print Espadrilles ($96): Leopard print tops, leopard print pants, leopard print shoes: we just can’t get enough!

12. Leather Wide Heel Sandals ($50): Have a hard time walking in heels? Don’t worry, we’ve found just the pair for you. Not only do these sandals offer a lot more heel support, but they come in a classy shade of sky blue.

13. Metal Strap Sandals ($66): Who needs a simple ankle strap when you’ve got this awesome metal cuff? We think we’ve just caught a glimpse of futuristic fashion through these fantastic flats.

14. Pointed Orange Flats ($69): The woven look of these flats is both adorable and summery. BTW, woven shoes are totally in, so you’re basically doubling your cool factor.

15. Pointed Flats ($54): This electric color has also been poppin’ up all over the place. That’s because it’s part of Pantone’s Color Report and it’s, like, really awesome.

16. Yellow Heeled Sandals ($58): Show some love to the color-loving diva inside of you with these neon stilettos. You won’t be sorry.

Will you be jumping on the ankle strap bandwagon anytime soon? Tell us in the comments below!