Metallics are so on-trend for home decor. A touch of gold or copper in a room instantly adds a touch of class. Whether you go all out with an accent wall or just add a bit of gold spray paint to a thrifted object, you cannot go wrong when it comes to bringing bling to your rooms. Check out these 20 chic home accessories for some shiny inspiration on giving your home a glam facelift.

1. Potted Gold: This is probably the easiest option for instant glamour. Just get some gold spray paint and spruce up old clay or ceramic pots. The gold in the windowsill reflects the light and makes such a pretty statement. (via Dust Jacket Attic)

2. Rose Gold Lamps ($136): Are you as in love with rose gold as we are? These soft metallic lights would be a gorgeous accent to any dining room or kitchen, especially paired with a gray, neutral color palette.

3. Gold Books ($160): If you’re looking for a shiny bestseller, these gold ceramic books would make a striking accent on a console or nightstand or would work as elegant bookends.

4. Copper Candle Holder ($128): Talk about industrial chic. This cool candleholder will make an elegant statement wherever you choose to display it.

5. Gold Beanbag ($185): Short on space, but need an extra boost of glam? Try some gold beanbags in the room to brighten up any corner as a foot stool or accent piece.

6. Bronze Sunburst Mirror ($480): Bronze is making a huge comeback and just a few accent pieces can completely change the look of a space. This statement mirror looks like a big sunflower and would be a perfect piece of spring decor to splurge on.

7. Gold Accent Wall ($30): Decorating with gold doesn’t have to be overly dramatic. These gold confetti vinyl stickers are perfect for adding some subtle glam if you don’t want to go all out with paint or wallpaper.

8. Throw Pillows ($65): Part of the fun of adding metallics to your decor is putting them in unexpected places — like one gold frame in a gallery of black frames or a couple metallic throw pillows tossed on your couch.

9. Bronze Stools ($140): Don’t be scared to mix and match your metallics! Gold and copper, bronze and rose gold or bronze stools with a silver table make a chic industrial space.

10. Touch of Class ($225): When you’re adding metallics to a room, think of it like you’re accessorizing with jewelry. Find pieces that really accent and complement the other colors and textures of the room, like this spiky sculpture does.

11. Ruffoni Copper Cookware ($1100): Copper accents in a kitchen is a timeless combination that will go along with whatever color palette you decide to play with. Copper can go traditional or contemporary, depending on what style you’re looking for.

12. Decorative Bowl ($35): Nothing is a better reflector of light than gold or silver. If you have a lot of natural light, adding a metallic accent, like this huge gold bowl, will reflect the light and create the illusion of more space.

13. Vika Sky Gold Flatware ($48): Feel like King Midas at every meal with this ultra glamorous flatware available in gold or rose gold.

14. Gold Plated Bowls ($64): Looking for a subtle way to incorporate metallics into your decor? Check out these gold-rimmed bowls. The gold perfectly accents the pretty pastels.

15. Copper Bed Frame: The pinkness of copper is so feminine and pretty. When contrasted with a color like this pale pink, it turns a gorgeous shade of rose gold. (via Giorgi)

16. Thrifty Treasures: If you find some of these old tins at a thrift store or garage sale, snatch them up! After a good cleaning, they are a gorgeous way to add a pop of metallic to your work space as a pencil cup. (via Weekday Carnival)

17. Copper Cheese Plate ($42): How gorgeous are these delicate copper cheese plates? Handmade in Japan, the copper will patina with time, which gives it an extra bit of charm.

18. Gold Geometric Lamp: Geometric + gold = win, win! Believe it or not, this lamp is a DIY project and would be the perfect metallic accent to any vanity or bedside table. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

19. Gilded Mod Dog Print ($48): Of course your favorite canine or feline requires a gilded silhouette of himself! These handmade prints are completely customizable and available in gold or silver leaf.

20. Gold Accent Table ($447): Get crazy with some spray paint on a twig or wire table. A gold side table is a fun and unexpected accent to any living room.

Will you be incorporating any metallics into your decor? Let us know in the comments below!