Watch out, leopard, there’s a new kind of animal print in town, and it doesn’t involve blending in with your favorite feline. No zebra stripes or giraffe spots here! Instead, these charming garments are covered in animals, beyond cute and actually quite chic. Just to prove it to you, we rounded up 14 of the coolest, quirkiest animal motifs on the market.

1. Safari Dress ($34): We’re really lovin’ the playful colors used on this off-the-shoulder shift dress.

2. Cat Print Skater Skirt ($21): Moving on to a much smaller type of cat. As in, the kind that’s mysteriously fading away into this white skirt.

3. Ismay Buttondown ($78): These tiny birds are a charming addition to this light, cotton top. It’s perfect for summer layering!

4. Johnny Loves Rosie Wire Headband ($35): Look closely: those colorful blobs are cats! Perhaps this’ll be the next birthday gift for your cat-obsessed BFF.

5. Lion Dress ($34): In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…

6. Chelsea Girl Safari Print Dress ($39): Can’t afford a real African safari? Not a problem. This rad dress is covered in exotic animals.

7. Dazzle Pocket Tee ($70): We know, $70 is a hefty price for a tee. But this is not your average t-shirt. Check out those casually strolling zebras!

8. Elephant Pajama Set ($63): These brightly colored elephants add a fun and whimsical element to these PJs. Why not sleep in style?

9. Lion Head Smock Dress ($54): Mufasa, is that you?! This dress may be taking our obsession with The Lion King to a new level.

10. Maeve Fitz Tank ($78): Yes, those are indeed octopuses. Sorry, octopi.

11. Lead the Pachyderm Dress ($70): Oh my goodness! a dress covered with elephants that have mismatched heads and bodies? We won’t question it; it’s just too darn adorable with its tied waist and sweetheart neckline.

12. Elephant Print Blazer ($67): These elephants are wearing their own prints, how sweet are they? And just in case you’re wondering, those matching pom-pom shorts are available, too!

13. Walking Animal Print Shirt ($39): This black and white blouse would look amazing tucked into a brightly colored skirt. You can totally rock this one at work.

14. Fish Print Swimsuit ($135): We’ve already declared our love for one piece swimsuits, but this one makes us want to jump for joy — right into a pool.

Are you into the animal prints trend? Let us know in the comments below!