We guess you could say we’re cuckoo for clocks here at Brit HQ. Our habitual desire to be organized and efficient obviously led us to this obsession, be it alarm clocks, wall clocks, or even clock accessories. Combine that with our affinity for all things innovative, and you get this roundup of cutting-edge wall clocks. You could easily imagine these time keepers in any future home: each is sleek, minimalistic, and flat out awesome.

1. Faceted Wall Clock ($100): These showstopping, yet minimally designed clocks would be an amazing way to add geometric decor to your home. Hand cast in resin, each little facet has an almost pixel-like quality.

2. Suck UK Solar Clock ($34): This solar clock allows for maximum flexibility in the way it’s displayed. Hung on the wall, or freestanding on your desk or nightstand, this tenacious clock’s large solar panels allow it to work even in minimally lit environments.

3. Muse Clock ($105): This colorful clock uses visual patterns to tell time. While it’s not the most intuitive, its beautiful display definitely helps us to pause and think about time in a new way. This Kickstarter project is well over funded with 14 days to go, so be sure to grab yours now if you’re feeling inspired! ;)

4. Stelton Time Clock ($139): This might be the most minimal clock of the bunch. The minute hand is connected to the clock’s own frame, causing the entire outer piece to turn as time passes. Neat-o.

5. White and White Clock Black Edition ($227): We deemed this digital clock attention-worthy before, and while our opinion hasn’t changed, the model has ever so slightly. Now you can choose between a brand new black frame, which stands out well against a neutral wall, or keep things hyper modern with the all-white OG.

6. Qlocktwo ($1,100): This clock caught our eye for it’s jarring display of time: in words! This 18×18 inch wooden clock comes in a rainbow of colors besides standard black and white, and is worth every penny in our eyes (check out their watches and iPhone app, too!).

7. Verbarious Electronic Clock ($240): Love the idea of a clock that tells time with type but hate the price tag of our previous pick? Meet Verbarious. We actually introduced you to this very affordable wordsmith in our recent MOMA tech roundup, but we think this clock is hands-down worth a second showing.

8. FreakishClock Wall Clock ($315): This elegant wall clock takes the “one at a time” rule to a whole new level. Its hour hand has been replaced with a pitch-black plate with a pie-shaped window that only reveals the hour at hand.

9. Walter Wayle II Clock in Grey ($80): We hoped that someone would inject a touch of whimsy into a cutting-edge clock, and our wish was granted in the form of this whale fin clock. These rotating flippers sure put a smile on our faces.

10. Suck UK Eyes Clock ($24): We’re also happy to report that clocks fit for a future home can have a sense of humor. This clock uses googly eyes to tell time. That is all.

11. Numbers LED Alarm Clock ($100): This segmented alarm clock can either sprawl out across an empty space or condense to save it. We’d stack the hour blocks on top of the minute blocks to create a cool cube configuration.

12. Plex Wall Clock ($328): We’re giddy that someone has the modern cuckoo clock market covered. Neon panels double as a clock face and home for Tweety.

13. White Wood LED Clock ($35): Here’s a desktop clock that knows that less is really more. Digital numbers glow through a white, wood grain base, which gives off an intriguing supernatural vibe.

14. Reductus Wall Clock ($80): We love the playful way this clock forces you to read time. With all numbers and lines removed, only brightly colored dots designate the time behind a slender, frosted clock face.

15. Chameleon Clock ($0.99): This Made Us Look app turns your iPhone or iPad into a see-through screen saver. No joke. It overlays the current time against whatever your back-facing camera is currently viewing, resulting in a magical experience that you just have to try.

16. Self Setting Projection Clock ($60): Here’s another fun instance in which time meets the real world: a built-in projection feature on this alarm clock displays digital time on your wall or ceiling to make early morning rising a little bit easier and a whole lot cooler.

17. Fourth Dimension Desk Clock ($125): This high-concept clock explores the link between time and space with its graduated step design. Definitely a must-have for science buffs out there.

18. RND Time Wall Clock ($331): These numbered blocks can be positioned close together to resemble a real clock, but why would you when you could create stunning, functional wall art? We’d love to trick out a space at Brit HQ with this quirky design.

BONUS: Analog-ital Wall Clock (not yet available): We love exploring the intersection of the analog and digital worlds, so we’re spellbound by this analog-ital clock. Standard-looking clock hands bridge the gap between these spaces by rotating like a classic clock while projecting the hour and minute out its ends like a magic wand. We can’t wait for this subtle concept to come to life.