We love everything about slingbacks, but the one thing we love the most is their versatility. Heeled versions can easily be dressed up, while flats are perfect for a casual day out. And for you today, we have 21 pairs of slingbacks to rock all summer long. Oh, and did we mention they’re all under $100? Shoe lovers, rejoice!

1. Pilcro Fey Slingbacks ($50): A metallic accent is always welcome in any pair of shoes we own. These shoes in particular may have a silver accent, but they definitely deserve a gold medal for beauty (ba dum tsh!).

2. Dreaming on the Dock Sandals ($30): Red is a fun color to wear, especially in shoes. These sandals even have extra grip at the bottom for those slippery docks at the beach.

3. Seychelles Playtime Slingback Heels ($90): Nude heels are pretty much a staple in every woman’s closet, but these are quite unique because of their asymmetry. Check out the open side!

4. River Island Lime Cut Out Sandals ($44): Yowza! This bright shade of yellow is perfect for those of you who are constantly looking to add a pop of color to your outfits.

5. Laidback London Slingback Thong Sandals ($80): Bead embellishment is totally trending in clothing this year, and it looks like it’s made its way into shoes as well. We couldn’t be more pleased.

6. Topshop Vixen Slingback Shoes ($25): These white flats are so adorable. Don’t you remember having shoes like these growing up?

7. Charles + Keith Pointed Slingback Heels ($66): It’s color blocking at its best, everyone. These heels have that name brand look without the name brand price.

8. New Look Turret Purple Slingback Heels ($35): Pastels are hot, hot, hot this season, folks. This heels are simple, but oh so elegant.

9. New Look Ling Slingback Flats ($31): Lots of us stay away from black and white in the summer because of their super formal, wintery look. But these flats are proof that all of that is a bunch of baloney.

10. Sole Society Alexandra Slingbacks ($70): Did someone ask for bolder color choices? Well, here ya go.

11. Anne Klein Zaria Slingback Pumps ($79): Can’t decide between red pumps or magenta? Not a problem.

12. Dolce Vita Prance Partner Flats ($40): These cute flats are basically a beach in shoe form. Just looking at those ocean blue waves makes us want to go on a tropical getaway.

13. Report Sunburst Flats ($59): We’re not quite sure what this print is, but does it even matter? Look how fabulously stylish they are. And they’ve even been spotted on the ever trendy feet of Olivia Palermo!

14. Seychelles Hiatus Slingbacks in Chartreuse ($90): Chartreuse is such a fun color. It takes these traditional slingbacks to a whole new level.

15. Anne Klein Ivette Slingback Pumps ($79): Here at Brit + Co., we are obsessed with prints. And for that reason, these shoes are the bomb.

16. Julianne Hough Morganne Slingback Flats ($43): Okay wait, these might be the cutest shoes we’ve ever seen. This neutral color is far from boring, and that little bow at the back is just the cherry on top.

17. Charles & Keith Peep-Toe Slingback Heels ($56): You know how when you were younger and you watched those futuristic movies everyone would be dressed in aluminum and see-through materials? These are what the fashionistas of that future would wear.

18. Kimchi Blue Pointy-Toed Flats ($34): Simple and casual, these flats would be perfect for any event from a picnic in the park to a European vacation. Where will they take you?

19. Chelsea Crew Let’s Do Lattes Heels ($68): Did someone mention coffee? We automatically love these (and those cutouts aren’t doing anything to sway us in the opposite direction either).

20. LOFT Dylan Slingback Flats ($45): Nautical prints are all the rage each summer, so these flats fit right into the warm weather trends.

21. Seychelles Hiatus Slingbacks in Gold ($90): And finally, a pair of shoes so gold that King Midas would be in shock just looking at ’em.

What are your go-to summer shoes? Tell us in the comments below!