Have you guys jumped on the bar cart trend yet? Having a special place, no matter how small, for drinks and pretty glasses is a fun way to make your room seem more inviting and welcoming. We’ve got inspo and advice from some of our favorite superstar designers so you can spruce up your personal bar carts. From floral arrangements to gold accents, they’ve got us in the mood to go out and buy a bottle of bubbly… for our bar, of course.

1. Make It a Centerpiece: The holidays are the time to embrace your love of all things boozy, so pull the bar cart out from the wall and place it front and center. Fashion designer Kaelen Haworth put her bar cart right in the living room for super-easy entertaining. (via Domaine Home)

2. Themed Cocktails: Celebrity designer and former Top Design judge Kelly Weastler suggests choosing a signature cocktail for any event to create a thoughtful vibe. Colorful garnishes like cranberry or mint add a pop of color. (via Domaine Home)

3. Rustic Touches: If you want a warmer look for your bar cart, add some natural elements with a potted plant or wood accents. Celeb mixologist Christy Pope also suggests adding metallic touches, like gold and bronze pieces, to give off that warm glow. (via HGTV)

4. Gold Accents: Abby Larson, founder of Style Me Pretty, loves having an elegant and simple bar cart with pretty stemware. In her opinion, having a bar cart instantly makes your space feel more cheerful and inviting. (via Domaine Home)

5. Boldly Masculine: Switching up your glasses is an easy and inexpensive way to update your bar cart for the holidays. Christy Pope chose bright blue accents for a bold, retro look. (via Elle Decor)

6. Office Party: Life is too short not to unwind every once in a while, so Hillary Kerry, founder of Who What Where, actually has a bar cart in her office. A habitual entertainer, Kerr loves the idea of having a quick celebratory or end-of-the-day drink in her office. (via Domaine Home)

7. Get Organized: Furniture designer Roxy Owens uses trays to divide the bar cart into zones and dedicates each zone to an essential, like glassware, bottles or her favorite trinkets. (via HGTV)

8. Add Florals: Designer Naomi Stein of Design Manifest uses her bar cart to present some of her favorite glassware and dishes, but she always includes fresh flowers. The gorgeous blossoms add delightful smells and color. (via HGTV)

9. Double Levels: Blogger and Home Made Simple star Nicole Gibbons loves having her bar cart right next to the sofa in the living room so it can double as a side table. Keep some of the bottles on the second shelf so you have more room on the top for knickknacks. (via Redbook Mag)

10. Unexpected Accessories: Elevated barware is Kelly Wearstler’s favorite place to splurge. Things like striped straws and bejeweled bottle stoppers set the scene and help make your event stand out. (via Domaine Home)

What are your favorite ways to style a bar cart? Talk to us in the comments below!